12 Things You Should Check Before Buying A Used iPhone Online

When it comes to trading gadgets online, you can never be too cautious. I’ve had friends being sold fake iPhones online because they were too trusting. If you don’t want to end up with an ‘android iPhone’ or one whose battery doesn’t last more than an hour, read these tips below.


1. Find out how much it actually costs in the market


The first step is to know how much the iPhone you want to get costs. This while help you negotiate better and also know when a price is too good to be true.

Now, wherever you choose to buy your used iPhone, be it eBay, Swappa, LetGo, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace, you need to check the site to see what that model of iPhone is being sold for. Doing this is pretty simple. Just input the model and filter it to your taste, you’ll see prices they’ve sold for and prices they are selling for.

Now, you know how much you need to get the iPhone you want.


2. Never buy from sellers that post stock images


This is one mistake that could cost you a lot. Always buy from sellers who post clear and high-quality pictures of the iPhone they are selling. Avoid sellers who post stock images of iPhones.

This is important because you need to see the condition of what you’re buying and to avoid being sold a phone with cosmetic damages.


3. Choose iPhones with its original screen protector


When shopping for iPhones, look out for ones that still have the first screen protector used. Although this isn’t a guarantee in most cases, iPhones like this have no issues with their screen. Asides that, it’s a good way to know that the seller is someone that takes care of their phone.


4. Look out for sellers who keep the original box


Just like the ones that have their first screen protector still on, any seller that has the original box is one that takes care of their phone. Again, this doesn’t guarantee anything, but it’s a good sign.


5. Look out for reviews, feedbacks, and ratings of sellers


This is very important.

Always check reviews and feedbacks before buying to see what people are saying about the seller.  You can hardly go wrong here. Make sure you only buy from sellers who have positive feedbacks and high ratings.


6. Make sure it’s not iCloud locked


If the iPhone is iCloud locked, trust me, there’s no way you can reverse or fix it. Make sure it’s signed out of iCloud completely.



7. Check the IMEI number to see if it’s not blacklisted


Before you buy, ask the seller for the IMEI number and run it on this swappa tool to be sure it’s not blacklisted. When you meet the seller in person, also open the iPhone, go to settings>general>about, then scroll down till you get to the IMEI number and use it to check if it’s blacklisted.

Never buy a blacklisted iPhone or an iPhone, which the seller refuses to give you the IMEI number.


8. Take your SIM card to check if supports your carrier


Even if they say it’s carrier unlocked, be sure to take your SIM card along to test if it works and if the iPhone supports your carrier. This will save you the stress of changing your carrier.


9. Check the buttons and ports


Many people skip this step out of overexcitement, don’t be that guy.

Check all the buttons to see if they work and are responsive. Make sure the home button is not sticking or making any weird sounds. Check the charging port and headphone jack to see if they work too. It is possible for everything to check out except this aspect, so make sure to confirm all the buttons and ports are working fine.


10. Check the battery health


To avoid getting an iPhone that lasts only one hour, make sure you check the battery health. You can do this by going to settings>battery>battery health>Maximum capacity.

Don’t buy an iPhone with a maximum capacity of less than 88%, unless you are getting a good discount for that. If not, always go for used iPhones with 88% maximum capacity. If the used iPhone is a newer model like the iPhone X and above, make sure you buy one with 90% maximum capacity or higher.

The higher the battery’s maximum capacity, the better.


11. Test the camera


I’ve heard of cases where someone bought an iPhone, and everything checked out, only to get home and discover the camera wasn’t functioning properly.

Always test the camera quality by taking pictures and videos to see if it meets up to standard. I’ll advise taking a short video of yourself saying something. This way, you can check if the mic, speakers, and the cameras are working fine.


12. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘NO’


Lastly, if you’ve done all the checks and you notice it doesn’t meet the description of what the seller posted, say NO.

Don’t be trying to be too nice and lose money in the end on a bad deal. It’s the seller’s fault, f he’s selling broken iPhone, and you should decline if it doesn’t meet the description.