The Acer ConceptD 3 Ezel has a Mind-Blowing Twist to It


Acer is a company that is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to the laptops it produces. This time, Acer's design and engineering teams have decided to push the boundaries of what a laptop for creative means.

For the most part, Apple has dominated the creative scene due to its impeccably color-accurate screens and support for tools for content creators. Acer has decided to disrupt that ecosystem with its new Concept D series.

The Acer Concept D series is designed for digital creators of every kind, this includes 2D, 3D digital creators, Developers, and more. The whole idea behind the Concept D series was to give creators all the computer power that need in a small form factor.

This laptop is one of the products of the Acer Concept D series. However, unlike the conventional design of laptops, the Acer Concept D 3 Ezel has a twist to it. Like, literally. The design of the Acer Concept D 3 Ezel gives it flexibility like no other laptop in this category has seen before.


In terms of power, the Acer is the less powerful version of the Concept D series laptops as it is aimed at creatives that are on a budget, but this does not limit its productive capabilities.

The Acer Concept D 3 Ezel comes equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor, and accompanying it is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650TI. To facilitate effective multitasking, the Concept D 3 Ezel comes with at least 16GB of DDR4 high capacity memory that can be upgraded to 32GB and up to 1TB of PCIe SSD Storage. This powerhouse also boasts at least an 18-hour battery life.

Even with the high performance that the Concept D 3 Ezel laptop produces, the thermal performance is optimized with dual, highly efficient fans and Acer's latest cooling technology. The noise level of this laptop is reduced to less than 40dBA while maintaining a cool working temperature even on full load. 

What makes it so unique?

While the performance the Concept D delivers on its very small budget is mind-blowing on its own, there is more to this little beast than meets the eye… Actually, a lot meets the eye when you see this laptop.

First, the Acer Concept D 3 Ezel has a literal twist to it. As part of the design decision by Acer to allow creatives to have more creative freedom when using their concept D 3 laptops, Concept D 3 Ezel comes in a flexible design.

The Concept D 3 Ezel comes in a premium stylish aluminum alloy chassis that keeps its weight very portable at 1.68kg. However, the real star of the show is the flexibility that the hinge design offers. The design is called Acer's innovative Ezel Hinge. This hinge design allows the laptop to be used in six convertible modes, namely a laptop, float, share, display, pad, and stand mode. The hinge design allows the screen to be rotated and supported in ways that will enable the convenient use of Acer's rechargeable stylus by digital artists.

Color Accuracy

This is a feature that is heavily marketed by Acer as being a hallmark in the design of the Concept D series. The Acer Concept D 3 Ezel comes with a professional edge display that features integrated color correction. The fidelity of the screen is said to be tested with the PANTONE matching system colors, and it has a score below 1 (zero is the perfect score).

Acer boasts that the display of this laptop is calibrated to achieve a low Delta E average of <2, which makes it very close to true-to-life color accuracy.

Also, what better way to protect a screen you love than by covering the screen with the best glass type in the world. The Concept D 3 Ezel comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which reduces glare and reflections with an enhanced contrast to enable improved viewing experience at any angle.


The design of the Acer Concept D 3 Ezel is modern, stylish, and of premium quality. With the use of premium and elegant aluminum alloy, ceramic surface for extra hardness, corrosion resistance, and stain-resistant coating, this laptop is very durable. The aluminum used on this laptop is magnesium aluminum, which is 20% lighter and 2X more durable than standard aluminum.

Final verdict

The Acer Concept D 3 Ezel should be the best selling laptop to content creators right now. It is a creative's dreams come true on so many levels of functionality, performance, design, and support. The keyboard even comes with extra hotkeys dedicated to creators, which immediately performs the function of switching applications, bringing up the color palette, and using the snipping tool.

The Acer Concept D 3 Ezel is more than a laptop, it is a movement for digital creators and developers.


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