Acer Swift 3. Small Business Laptop

Acer Laptop Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Reviews on various online selling platforms are good indicators that the Acer Swift 3 is a well made laptop. It is the entry level computer of the Swift family. However, the laptop comes with lots of exciting features that will give you an enjoyable experience while using it.

Pros of the Asus Swift 3 
  • The chassis is good

  • Functions at a low temperature

  • Very affordable

Cons of Asus Swift 3 
  • Storage is not upgradeable

  • Low WLAN capacity

  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Design and features

The design for the Swift 3 is surprisingly good, giving that it is the first product in the family. It has a beautiful outer case, with a unique flex that is somehow visible. The whole cover case is made out of aluminum, which is connected to the inner surface made from a solid plastic chassis.

I feel the laptop looks so much like a Macbook Air, with striking resemblance from the black hinge and wedged shapes. Although the price tag of a Macbook is way higher than the Acer.


Base model has a long-lasting battery life and is sold for around $400 in the United States. If you need the same system with better specifications, the price can jump all the way to $645.


The Acer Swift 3 has a 14-inch IPS panel. Although the screen has its shortcomings as it will not give you the best display experience in a well-lit environment, it is better than the TN panel.

Thus, to enjoy the best of the Swift 3 display, it is better to use it indoors or when the place is a bit dark. The screen also comes with a cool hinge that allows the system to open easily using just one hand and can bend up to 180 degrees.


The keyboard of Swift 3 has an unusual design, but it is quite refreshing. It has extra keys at the right-hand side: home page, page up, and page down. The keyboard is equipped with a backlight which is a must have feature.

The keys are very soft to the hands, as they have lovely feedback once they are clicked. They are also shaped in a concave form making the keyboard attractive on its own. In most cases, it takes more time before one can understand the pattern of the keyboard.


Laptop comes with various system configurations based on what you want to buy and how much you can afford. It has the latest configuration, which has a Core i7-6500U; with a RAM size 8GB and an SSD of about 512GB. There are also other specs like core i3 and i5; Ram sizes from 4-8 GB and SSD storage of 128, 256, and 512 GB. The Central Processing Unit (CPU), and the RAM, is soldered correctly to the motherboard. However, its memory is not expandable.

It would be best if you considered buying the laptop for your business use. The laptop is built strictly for business purposes and would serve its purpose very well.

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