Getting Second Hand iMac 2019

Apple iMac 27 front

The iMac is an excellent choice for a desktop computer that will carry out basic tasks like browsing the web, sending emails, and other apps use for the management of your life with ease. The iMac 2019 is also capable of carrying out the execution of more demanding apps. And, it packs all that power in a relatively neat and compact chassis. In 2020 it is a good to find someone who's selling used iMac and save money.


• 5k retina display

• P3 Gamut

• 8th gen Intel's core i9

• Long battery life on peripherals

• Wireless peripherals


• Expensive

• Mouse is difficult to use

• Keyboard's small


If you are willing to spend a little more cash to acquire the iMac, the most noticeable feature is its 5k Retina display screen. The iMac 2019 display supports the P3 color gamut, which gives it the ability to display a few billion more colors.

The iMac delivers an average display quality of 1,920 x 1,080 (FHD) or a 2,560 x 1,440 (QHD) display. This means that if you are getting iMac, you are definitely getting a desktop that's a bit better than others on the market. The iMac 2019 is great for home use, editing photos or other visual related tasks, because of all the colors supported by the Retina 5K display's P3 gamut. Creatives, like graphic designers, will prefer the 27-inch iMac for its Retina 5K display and more real estate.


When you purchase the iMac 2019, you get out the box, a wireless mouse and keyboard. Most customers wish Apple would allow them to opt out of getting the wireless keyboard and mouse to save some money on their purchase.

The reason being that there better cheaper alternatives out there that would work just fine with the iMac 2019. Although Apple provides that option when purchasing the Mac mini,

Apple just wants its users to keep using their keyboards and mouse. Guess it's just how the business works.

The Magic Mouse 2 shares similar exterior design as the Magic Mouse. It still remains seamless with no visible buttons or scroll. The mouse comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, so it saves the user the cost and stress of changing battery as was on the magic mouse.

A port can be found under the mouse and it is used to recharge the battery. This obviously means you can't use the mouse while it's plugged in. Apple, in a statement, made it a known fact that the mouse and keyboard are fast-charging devices. The mouse can get up to 9 hours of battery life in a 2 minutes charge. Now that is crazy! This Means a stroll to the kitchen to get some water and back will give a charge that can last the usual business hours.


Now, let talk about the iMac's performance.

The iMac comes with the 8th generation Intel Core i9. I can say the iMac 2019 is a high-end device with the ability to handle tasks that requires heavy CPU power usage. According to the Geekbench test, the 8th gen core i9, a single-core achieves a rating that is 9% higher than we got from the Mac mini's core i7.

With Intel's Core i9 on the iMac is capable of handling tasks like encoding RAW video files, Photoshop related tasks, playing high-end games with a minimal glitch. However, the GPU plays its own role in improving the efficiency of carrying out tasks like playing games and similar tasks that require 3D renderings like animations and the likes.

Final Verdict

The iMac 2019 is a nice upgrade, especially for those who are professional creatives, and is also one of the best all-in-one desktops currently on the market.


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