One Mix 3S Yoga Review

Lenovo Miix 700 Laptop Mode

The 3s Yoga isn't in any way the fastest laptop selling on the market today. Neither it is the smallest or has impressive battery life. Still, it is a notably portable computer with a stellar display, an exceptional keyboard, and a versatile factor, making it easy for play or work.

The system offers maximum portability and is as powerful as any other PC; it has a 'small size with big power.'

Let me spare you the boring details, and let's see why you just might consider getting this sleek netbook for yourself.

  • Excellent design

  • Ultra-crisp display

  • It is as strong as any other computer.

  • Substandard keyboard layout

  • It has just one USB-C


It is needless to say that the 3S Yoga is a tiny laptop. It looks a bit chunky because of its small overall dimensions, but it is thin compared to the Macbook Pro.

It is made with solid aluminum, which gives it an excellent feel when you touch it, the laptop comes with a fingerprint scanner.

The 3s Yoga is one of the most portable laptops available on the market, and to be frank, it won't quite fit into your pocket as it has been advertised but can easily fit in a purse.

The super-small sleek design, however, comes at the expense of the keyboard. The keyboard is small, obviously, due to the tiny size of the computer, which is a downside, the layout of the keyboard isn't standard. Tab keys are relocated to function keys, and the quote keys are on the right of the space bar.


The screen size of this netbook is 8.4 inches and has a 2560×1660 resolution, which makes the pixel density ultra-crisp, at 3.5pixels per inch.


The 3S Yoga is not in any way a toy; it is an actual computer, the only difference is that it comes in a super-tiny form. Although there are limitations in the keyboard and screen size, the hardware won't in any way slow you down. It has a 16GB RAM that makes it useful for everyday tasks.

It runs at a 55Hz refresh rate and has a breakneck Wi-fi speed. It has an 8,600 mAh battery, a noticeable upgrade to the 6500 mAh battery on the Mix 2S.

The laptop doesn't drain much power with the screenshot, it uses a USB-C port for charging, which is the only USB-C port the computer has, which is a little downside, but a hub will suffice.

How long the system takes to charge will depend on the charger you use.

Final Verdict

Lenovo notebook performs pretty well compared with the competition. Despite its compact size, it is strong enough to handle any task you throw at it without slowing you down in any way. If you're looking for a portable system that has the power to carry enormous tasks without lagging, then the One mix 3S is just perfect for you.

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