Are AR contact lenses real?

Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay

Over the years, the digital world has crept slowly to our faces; the laptop was once as personal as one could get with a computer, then smartphones came around. Soon we began to strap screens to our heads.

Now the most recent and astounding development are the contact lenses with a digital display; the Augmented reality contact lenses.

It is more like a vision of the future; the digital world is right on your eyeballs with the AR contact lenses developed by Mojo Vision. Maybe in near future you will be able to trade in VR set for more discrete lenses. 

The company was founded in 2015- with a lot of engineers from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other big technology companies, but most of the tech put into the lenses had to be 'called in from the future.

Experts from various fields are involved in the design. Technologists, optometrists, and medical experts all have a hand in the design of the AR lenses.

Everything put into this piece of technology was invented solely by Mojo Vision. From the display, the oxygenation system, the power data, the ASICS (custom chips), and all tools for power management have been invented entirely by Mojo vision.


Although it is a prototype still in the works, it has some spectacular details. It has a microLED display which is probably its most impressive feature, the lens packs about 70,000 pixels into a tiny area, perhaps the size of a sand grain. That's a robust 14k resolution in that very little space.

This view of the world by the Mojo lens seamlessly fuses digital information onto the world around us. It uses microelectronics and tiny displays in sharing critical information.

With the use of AR, data can be presented easily on screens that are built into a headset or glasses. One can see turn-by-turn directions when walking, essential steps to replace an unfamiliar machine part, and presentation talking points. All these can be done without a device in your hands or looking down at a screen.

How will we use them

These lenses could alert you of accidents, provide directions, and even highlight areas of the great car or foot traffic. AR lenses can also provide weather updates, recommend a restaurant and even point you to a nearby public washroom.

It is as though the lenses give your eyes superpowers.

By using a wearable display, AR helps you concentrate by providing information heads-up and hands-free. The Mojo device boosts your natural vision as it also places imagery and useful data right on your sclera, making you your best self in all situations.

It is an ideal computing platform built in such a way that your data remains private and secure. Everything you do with your mojo lens belongs to you alone.

The Mojo AR lenses provide you timely information without distracting you and also give you the knowledge that you need when it's needed. It understands every activity you are involved in and never gets in the way.

The Mojo lenses aren't the soft and disposable kind; they are hard lenses that can be used over and over again, and they are indeed a step forward to the future.

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