HTC Vive Focus Plus Review

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The HTC VIVE Focus plus is an enterprise-level standalone VR device from HTC. This device has a 6DoF controllers that provide users with lots of immersion and lets content developers produce PC-based VR apps that perfectly work with the headset. This headset comes with lots of new features that enable the headset to serve various training purposes. The VIVE focus plus also provides tools for professionals to handle VR devices in different locations and secure accounts efficiently.

  • Offers best VR experience

  • Has a software partnership with Valve

  • Intuitive controls

  • This VR headset is on the expensive side

  • Requires a high-end GPU

  • Less comfortable than the Oculus Rift

Design and Performance

HTC sell VR set with Vive controllers and sensors. This device offers users an excellent fit for comfortable gaming more than the Vive Focus. It comes with a tidier design, improved screen resolution, and excellently built-in headphones to enhance the gaming experience of the user.

HTC has now launched a wireless adapter for the Vive focus plus headset to cut the use of excess cord connection, although it’s slightly bulky. The headset is supported by sets of Velcro straps around the top and sides, then meet at the back to form a cradle. This cradle ensures the Vive doesn’t fall off or slip out of position.

If paired with a PC using an Intel Core i5-4590k and an AMD R9 390 GPU or NVIDIA GTX 970, the Vive Focus plus serves as a getaway to a new medium - A medium that will be controlled by a growing library of games and short demos. The parent company HTC is working on making the device play host to full-length movies, contemporary arts, and television shows.

Features of this device include an excellently natural 110-degree field of view, natural movement feel, and dropped frame or nary screen tear. You can get the games and demos through SteamVR, and it has the best-in-class controllers.


When the Vive Focus plus launched, it was not cheap, but at the turn of the year, it got a bit less expensive. For the price of $499, you get a Vive headset unit, two base stations, two controllers, earbuds, small wipe cloth, power cables for the base station and charging cords for controllers and a small hub. Also attached are three games that go with every unit, they are fantastic contraption, job simulator, and the lab. This is before getting a computer with the required specification. It has everything you need for a great VR experience.

How does the Vive focus plus work?

The Vive Focus Plus like other VR headsets immerses the user in whatever they are doing, either playing a game or watching a short demo, by producing two images simultaneously. The HTC Vive focus plus operates with two base stations which can be mounted on the wall with a wall mount or high shelf to help the map track your movements in the 3D world.

Final Verdict

If you don’t plan on investing in the software and purchasing loads of experimental games, then the Vive is not for you.


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