iPhone SE 2020: What to Expect

iPhone 8 Front

The iPhone S.E 2020, which looks set to be released soon has gripped the smartphone industry for months now, it is set to be released with the “iPhone SE” moniker.

Finally, apple is bringing a new pocket-friendly iPhone to those that really wanted a cheap iPhone after the original SE was released in the year 2016. The original Apple's idea was to sell iPhone SE to those who didn't like all other large sized models. But the new iPhone SE 2020 is set to be bigger, following the design that was used on the iPhone 6. Without further ado let’s go straight to the specifications, price and the expected launch date for the iPhone SE 2020

Firstly, lets clear the confusion about the name, many people have been referring the new iPhone SE as iPhone 9 or just iPhone but Apple has made a release on Apple.com that the device may simply be called iPhone SE, this isn’t a regular series that releases a new phone every year so there won’t be a chance for much edition.

Expected Launch Date

The release date of the IPhone SE 2020 has not been released officially, it was rumored that the device would be launched sometime during March, March 31st to be precise but it failed to happen, then April 3rd again which was wrong. The recent released date which is April 22nd is still not feasible.

The outbreak of Coronavirus, has affected the production of smartphones worldwide as the factories that are into the production have all been shut down.

Expected Price

IPhone SE will be cheap budget phone ever produced by Apple, so with this, the price of the iPhone SE should start from $400. With this price and the specs list, I think it is a good fit for those who need an upgrade from their iPhone 8.

Expected Design and Display

The design of the iPhone SE is the same of an iPhone 8. Apple is not ready to change the design the customers are used to.

The iPhone SE is expected to come with  iOS 14 and a 4.7- inch display and Touch ID.

The internal storage of the iPhone SE is expected to range from 32-64GB with a 3GB RAM, a single camera, no head phone jack, this might be a downside on the part of the phone, so if you are a lover of music, you should get a cheap Airpod.

Expected Performance

Apple never disappoints when it comes to the performance of their iPhones, the iPhone SE 2020 should come with A13 processor which will give it a chipset that powers the latest iPhone series

The full details about the camera are not known at the moment but the device is said to come with a single (one) lens camera at the back with unknown megapixel yet, the front camera will come with a single sensor too. But be rest assured that Apple will give the smartphone the best camera it should have.

The battery life of the phone is unknown yet as Apple will not reveal the battery strength for its iPhones, but owing to the fact that the battery life of the recent iPhone produced were good, A better battery life for the smartphone is expected.


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