Gaming Laptops Vs Gaming Consoles: Which is Better?

With the lock down in full swing some of feel trapped in our own houses advised not to socialize with our friends. At least not in person. I personally advise against spending the free time on watching TV. Video game world comes to rescue. You can spend time playing your favorite games and hours will pass like minutes. So lets's talk a little about gaming hardware and decide what's better; gaming consoles or gaming laptops. We're not going to touch on VRs today but that's coming soon. You can now sell your broken virtual reality set directly at SelBroke.

 This is a question that has plagued the gaming world for years now. Which one is the better gaming tool, a gaming PC or a gaming console? Since both gaming devices have their pros and cones, we would try as much as possible not to be biased in our review.

To make this journey a less herculean task for you, here is what we think:

Gaming Laptops
  • Portability: Laptops are very popular for how easily they can be carried around and used in different locations and conditions, making them a very great choice for gamers that move around a lot.

  • Better Graphics: As a general rule of thumb, a descent gaming laptop is likely to have better looking graphics than any console, at least that is still true for now before the release of the upcoming Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5 consoles that are bound to be gaming powerhouses.

  • Mods: Consoles, Laptops and PC games can be modded, however, games on PC and Laptops are known for their ease of mod and their wider range of moding options compared to console games. Also, modding a console is illegal in a couple of countries. Modding games on laptops takes the game to a whole new level and improves the gaming experience.

  • Functionality: Apart from gaming, laptops are useful for other things like productivity and creativity making them useful for more than just gaming. Consoles just don’t have this advantage.

  • Expensive: A decent gaming laptop is likely to cost upwards of $1000 and can even go as high as $3000 if you want a premium gaming laptop. This means the cheapest decent gaming laptop cost twice as much as any gaming console.

  • Prone to fault: Since you are likely to carry your laptop around a lot, laptops are prone to damage caused by hitting surfaces and using in dusty environments. Also, there are other problems like the blue screen of death and more that can happen to your laptop.

  • Refresh: Gaming laptops get updated every year meaning that by the end of the year with the rate of improvements laptops have been seeing currently, your premium laptop might be less premium.

Gaming Consoles
  • Cheap: Unlike gaming laptops, consoles cost only a fraction of the cost of many gaming laptops out there, and regardless of the game you are playing, even a new release would still play without any problems.

  • Plug and play: Unlike laptops, all you need to do to play games is to plug in your controller and start playing. There are no complicated steps involved in setting up your controller.

  • Multiplayer: it is way easier to play multiplayer games with your friends on a console than on a gaming laptop.

  • Long lifespan: Consoles are likely to last longer than gaming laptops generally because they are moved around a lot less than gaming laptops, and they are built to last for several years.

  • Exclusive games: Consoles have games to are exclusive to them and that can therefore, not be played on gaming laptops. A lot of console exclusive games like God of war and Halo are highly rated games.

  • Graphics: The graphics on consoles for now does not match that found on a gaming laptop, at least for now. However, this is a situation that is likely to change with the release of the next generations of consoles.

  • Bulky: Consoles are not designed to be moved around often, therefore, making them less of a portable option that laptops.


If it was left to us really, our answer would be, why do we have to choose between two awesome gaming devices. We say lets us choose both of them and enjoy the benefits of both worlds. However, we understand that our readers may not have that choice and therefore, may the force be with you as you make your choice.


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