Asus Zenbook UX310 Review

Asus Zenbook UX306 Laptop

Asus Zenbook UX310 is another gorgeous attempt by ASUS at making a laptop. The laptop is one that is good to the eyes and comes with a good price tag. At first glance, you might not feel the Asus Zenbook UX310 until you take a further look into it. This ASUS ultrabook comes with a great design and lots of horsepower. The model is the best fit for anyone looking for versatility in a laptop. As a matter of fact, if you can look beyond its average battery life, it might be the perfect office workhorse.


The laptop goes head to head with the original MacBook Air that was at a time seen as the hallmark of slim and gorgeously designed powerhouse laptops. If that convinces your then you sell your MacBook and get the Zenbook for a change. But before you decide on the please read our entire review.

  • It has a great screen

  • It has high speed in switching on for usage

  • It comes with backlit keys

  • It comes in an entire aluminum body

  • The battery life isn’t all that great

  • It has a bendy keyboard

  • The hard drive is small


This laptop is so good looking that it might be one of the best Asus laptops. It comes in a beautiful all-metal case and has a nice finishing touch. The first noticeable feature is the concentric lines moving in an outward manner from the Asus logo. It also has beautiful lines around the edge. These features look as great in real life, as they look in the photos, and this is at a cheaper price compared to its competitors. Have I told how elegantly looking the packaging is? It is quite the view.

After lifting the lid, you see a written message “In search of Incredible” engraved on the inner part of the lid. The Zenbook has enough ports on each side of the laptop. It comes at 1.84cm thickness, which is a little thicker than most of its competitors. Although, while it is a little bit thicker, it comes with a high-quality build.


The ultrabook has a great screen. We reviewed the QHD 3,200 x 1,800 screen, but it is also available in the full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 screen resolution. The QHD is great for the eyes, with anti-glare and wide-viewing angles. The colors are great and vibrant. The color accuracy is also really good. Although the bezel might seem a little bit large compared to some of its competitors, it is not too conspicuous.


Asus Zenbook UX310 comes with the Intel Core i5-7200U processor and 8GB of RAM. Although not as good as some of its competitors in this regard, it is considered good for its reasonable price tag. It has the Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card, which isn’t really great. It’s not the best for gamers. The battery life is decent enough, as it could last you for about a day of work.

Final Verdict

This Asus model is a good laptop with a good level of performance, and beautiful design. It comes at a good price compared to its competitors. The battery life could be better and its bendy keyboard might affect its overall rating. However, those issues do not have a huge effect on how well you will enjoy the Asus Zenbook UX310. You can check it out in more detailed specs here.

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