How To Fix Blue Screen on Windows 10

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The blue screen, also known as “stop error,” is a major challenge computer users may encounter frequently. It occurs mainly due to failure in the hardware or software configuration of a computer. It is generally of no serious concern if it happens once. Still, when it is frequently occurring, if not taken seriously, it could lead to more critical damages to the computer system. Let’s look at how to address this issue with Windows 10.

Check Error Codes

Since Blue screen may occur as a result of different reasons, to successfully address a blue screen error, you have to trace the root of the issue. Blue screen error occurs typically with a specific error code, and one can diagnose that issue by inputting the error code on the Microsoft Stop Error Troubleshooting Page online and check for the best possible solution regarding that particular error.

Check computer for viruses

Malware and viruses are the major causes of the Blue screen. Most times, malware enters into the computer through the installation of software and internet browsing. The solution to this particular problem will mean that the user should get an effective anti-virus and run a scan through the system. After detecting the viruses and malware on the system, you can now remove them. Check out for popular anti-virus apps that people have used and written great reviews about them. That way, you will be confident that the anti-virus you are using will resolve the issue of viruses and not compound it.

Check for recent changes and installations

It is essential to review your recent installations and modifications made to your computer when a Blue Screen error occurs. Most times, the software and programs we install may not be compatible with our system, and it may lead to system failure. Also, some hardware components may not be consistent with the Windows OS, and this may result in Blue Screen error. When a thorough check is carried out, and you observe that this may be the reason for the failure, re-modifying those changes will fix the error.

Using System Restore

System restore is a tool in the windows system used to bring back a computer to its previous configuration. It does not affect any of the files on your storage but only modifies any recent configurations or applications you may have installed. System Restore can be located in the recovery folder in the control panel of your system. When opened, you would be able to view various restore points to revert the computer to its previous settings.

What if the computer fails to respond?

In a case whereby the computer fails to respond to instruction, you may have to start the computer in safe mode. It is an operation of the computer system where you are only permitted to operate only the basic configurations and applications of the system, and all third-party apps are disabled. If the problem persists, you will be advised to see a computer technician.


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