Portless iPhones: Good or Bad News?

iPhone 7 Plus Front Angle

Imagine a world where everything worked with your iPhone with any type of cable connected to it. Or better a world where charging is wireless, and headphones are connected wirelessly and everything is synced wirelessly with your laptop through the cloud. Does this world sound to good to be true, or do you feel we are one portless iPhone away from this reality?

Regardless of what you think about the wireless charging of iPhone, you have to admit that the iPhones without the headphone jack has come to grow on most iPhone users. Now, there is talk of iPhone going completely portless with the upcoming iPhone 12 (the name is not confirmed yet). This will potentially boost Apple's market share as they will sell iPhone to more users that previously stuck with Android phones for different reasons. 

One the good side, if iPhone removes every port on their flagship phones, then it might give them more opportunity to innovate on the water-resistant nature of their phones and probably making completely water resistant. Also, with technologies like speakers being under the screen with the use of vibrating screens, iPhone might be able to achieve complete water resistance on their new phones. This would also mean that there would be more space to fix a larger battery in their phones making it last even longer than it already does. This might sound like its all good news for iPhone users but a lot of users have concerns and even discontentment with their idea of completely removing the ports.

Wireless charging

Already, many iPhone users know that the wireless charging technology that Apple uses for its phones is not as fast as the Qi wireless charging technology that Samsung uses on their phones. Therefore, unless iPhone is somehow able to improve on its wireless charging technology, most users are not willing to take the chance of having their port removed, which for now is a better charging option.

Cloud sync

Although, most iPhone users are used to having their phones and laptop synced together over the cloud and therefore, sharing data between their phones and their Mac laptops this way. However, there are times when iPhone users just to transfer items to their computer with the use of a USB using some apps that support file sharing. This means that options like this would be out of the window for good.

In the end, we are not sure if iPhone is going to adopt the idea of having a fully portless phone in their phone lineup. However, if there was ever a time for iPhone to improve on all of their wireless technologies, now would be the time before they make the jump to having a completely portless phone. Also, it is yet to be seen if the advantage of having a portless phone would outweigh its disadvantages.


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