Cellular Data Dongle for Laptops

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The cellular data dongle is a device that enables you to connect to the internet. The data dongle is shaped like a USB and can be used with a laptop to connect to celular data network.

The data dongle can be called so many names based on your geographical location, as they can be called USB modem, USB Network adapter, Internet stick, and also USB mobile broadband stick. It is quite popular because of its flexibility and can be carried easily from one point to another, even in your pocket. As good as the data dongle sounds, it still has its shortcomings.

Advantages of cellular data dongle
  1. The data dongle allows you to get access to the internet at any time or anywhere, whether you are in your house or office, or even in the taxi or train traveling, you can still connect to the internet.

  2. The data dongle is best known for its flexible nature. You don't need to bother about carrying it with you. You can take it with you in your pocket, that's how small it is.

  3. It doesn't need any professional knowledge before it can be set up or used. You plug it into your USB port and start enjoying the internet experience, that's how easy it is.

  4. The data dongle is one that does not require charging because it is powered by your laptop when plugged in, so you don't need to bother about saving battery life.

  5. A data dongle is also an excellent option for the internet connection when you are always on the move.

Disadvantages of cellular data dongle
  1. The data dongle needs a USB port before it can function at all. When your device lacks a USB port, it is obvious you can't use the data dongle on devices like mobile phones and tablets.

  2. Now in the world today, many people would want to have one network, and all connect to that network so they can share the same data, but in the data dongle, it is not so. It only can connect one user at a time.

  3. The data dongle always has a limit when it comes to downloading, so if you are dealing with large data files, this option might not be the best for you.

Alternatives to the data dongle 

Apart from the cellular data dongle, there are so many alternatives to it, and we will show you just a few that are quite popular in the world today.

Mobile broadband

It is quite similar in size to the data dongle, but they function differently. It is also known as the Mi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspot. Unlike the data dongle that uses the USB port, it transmits data signals through Wi-Fi signals, and different users can connect at a time.


Your smartphone can create a data network for mobile users to connect to and browse the internet. Once you turn on your Wi-Fi hotspot, even your computer can get connected and browse the web.


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