Best Screen Protector For Laptops


Laptop screen protectors are polyurethane or glass sheets used to cover our laptop screen as external protection from any form of damage or views. With the increase in the rate of visually hacking your system, protecting your screens from people interested in such an act would be made possible by Screen protectors.

Though there are so many screens out there, many people can’t still find quality screen cover to protect their laptops. This is why I put together this piece. Since most people don’t know what a quality screen protector is, I’ve put together a list that will surely give you a heads up and point you in the right direction if you need a screen protector.


Types of screen protector for laptops


HP Elitebook 1040dna EliteBook 840


Known to people as the integrated privacy screen for notebooks, the Elitebook 1040 and 840 come with a special screen protector that could handle visual hacking. Made with the help of 3m privacy technology, you do not need any outer protection. To activate this screen mode, press the F2 key on your laptop, and the percentage of visible light on the screen diminishes by 95% when viewed from an angle. Except you need a computer with an external protector, this feature is only available on HP computers.


Spigen MacBook Pro Touch bar/TrackPad Protector with Matte Film for MacBook Pro 15″


These are the best laptop protector for your MacBook. It has this quick-drying application system that makes the cover easy to install or remove as the case may be. It protects your screen from scratch and dust, making it always look new. It also comes with a risk-free replacement warranty from Spigen.


3M Gold Privacy screen protector


The external screen protector made by 3M protects your laptop screen while delivering high-quality protection at the same time. This gold privacy protector offers 25% more clarity than regular black screen protector and starts fading at 30 degrees side angle with an effective blackout from the side view. Any way you plan to use this screen protector, you can make use of its gold effect or flip it and make the protector darker. 


2 Pack 13.3” Anti-Glare Screen Protector for 13.3″ laptops


This is an easy to use laptop screen protector with no residue remover. Its matte surface effectively reduces the glare & visual fatigue from your laptop screen. This protector is 100% compatible with a touch screen system, and you can maximise the protector to restore original touch accuracy. Its coatings are made from hydrophobic and oleophobic layers to protect against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. The screen protector comes with two screen protectors, 1 Gift Cleaning Cloth and Lifetime Risk-Free Replacement Warranty.


MEGOO Screen Protector


The Megoo screen protector is another laptop screen protector available for use on that laptop screen. This screen protector uses an adhesive glue that ejects all air bubbles from beneath it during its installation. This screen protector is made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness variety which suits the use of the protector. The protector comes pre-made with cutouts for camera, speakers and microphone ports on your computer.

With these products, you can now offer your laptop screen maximum protection from external forces. These products come with various features to make the use of the screen protector easy.