Best places to buy used laptops in the US

If you have a tight budget and you require new gadgets like laptops to meet targets and deliver jobs, you can get a bargain by getting an already used laptop for a lower price rather than getting a new one. Some laptops, such as the MacBooks and Ultrabooks, do hold a secondhand value in the market. They could help save you from paying too much for new ones.

The best places that sell used laptops in the US depend on your location and area you live in. The right thing to do would be to inspect the goods before making a down payment. When that can’t be the case, and you cannot make that happen, then you can buy from any of these sites with the confidence that they have a buyer protection policy. Some of the place to check for used laptops include;



The highly popular site eBay is one of the internet’s most recognized online auction site where you can get any type or model of laptop you need at any time. This website allows users to search for products by brand name, price, or even pick of the year.

You can also search based on some computer-related metrics such as processors, storage capacity, screen size, RAM, and a whole lot more. You could choose to search by manufacturer and seller or by degree i.e., new or refurbished models, or you can stick to the lowest prices to meet up your needs.

 Facebook Marketplace


Facebook, as at this stage of life, has become more than just a social network. It’s more of a community of people gathering every day to improve their lives in one way or the other. It can also be regarded as a growing marketplace too. The company made use of its massive user base to create a marketplace where users can list and find whatever items are for sale within their location.

All you need to do is search for what you want by typing in the search bar or search by group to get the exact detail of what you want. You can also adjust your search using a filter option to change your price or location to cover a broader area.

You’re advised to crosscheck every detail of whatever you want to buy before purchasing as they cannot verify the Genuity of some of the deals. You can join some local buy/sell groups where items are discussed to get proper information about what you want.



This is a classified ad site that works just like the Facebook Marketplace. The only difference here is you do not need a Facebook account to gain access to their data. All that’s required is a working email address, and you can get any information you want.

Gumtree is quite popular in the UK with a big expanded database in the UK and the US. It has enjoyed success in other locations such as Asia, Australia, and some parts of Africa. Therefore, users can access what’s on sale by category, price, model, or manufacturer.

Once you’ve put in the area to search, you can modify it easily to cover more scope if you didn’t see what you’re looking for. If you find the item you’re looking for, you can mail the seller or reveal their phone numbers and give them a call. The sales on gumtree are between you and the seller, no third party involved.

You don’t have to purchase a used laptop as there are many manufacturers offering laptops within your budget, except you have a heavy load of work that those laptops cannot perform before you can choose this option. There are many more sites that you could get used laptops for sale.