Best Laptops for Kids

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The computer system has evolved over the years and gotten to the stage where they now make laptops for kids. These laptops were not easy to access in the first place but it’s now simple because of the availability of different specs to select. This availability is due to the evolvement of technology and the improvements to the hardware of the computer. These laptops are equipped with amazing computing power and are made to keep the child entertained.

The only problem with finding a laptop for your kid is finding what suits them best. Getting your little ones a computer would be beneficial to them because it helps them with learning, doing their assignments, and keeps them entertained. They could also access the endless learning resources on the internet and take other actions within the power of a laptop.

Buying a laptop for your kids shouldn’t get you all worked up because you have no cause to worry about the hardware or its performance level. Our kids don’t need to own the fastest computers in the world except there’s an absolute use for it. 

You should get a laptop with a fast processor such as the Intel Core i3 when considering getting a laptop for your kids for enhanced performance.

You can go and check out varies models at places that sell laptops locally. For now if you want to get the best laptop for your kids, consider the following;

HP Stream 11-AH110NR

The HP Stream 11-AH110NR is the first among the list of laptops for kids. It comes with some cool features that make it suitable for children use such as its intel Celeron N4000 dual-core processor, 4GB DDR4 Ram, 32gb eMMC, an 11.6-inch screen which has HD resolution and WLED backlight. This laptop comes in windows 10 only so there are enough new features to keep your kids busy. This laptop weighs 2.57 pounds and its battery capacity lasts 12.5 hours.


Teach “N” Talk discovery kids exploration laptop


This is an ideal laptop for kids, but it doesn’t offer as much function as a regular laptop. It comes packed with games that teach your kids more about math, spelling, geography, and music. Since this machine comes with built-in games that serve as its operating system, therefore, you don’t need to buy any other software.

This laptop comes with a standard keyboard and multi-dimensional cursor. It is powered by two AA batteries and has a portable design that makes it easy to use in any location.


GoldenGulf children computer


GoldenGulf runs on Android 4.1 OS system. It comes with a 512mb RAM which can run a lot of applications. It also comes with 5GB ROM which is large enough to store your files and documents. The GoldenGulf weighs 1.6 pounds and two in-built speakers. There is an on-screen camera for video calling and skype. There is also a built-in microphone, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, HDMI port, USB and Micro SD card slot. The laptop has a 1.5GHz processor and a 6.98-inch TFT display. This laptop can have its internal storage upgraded with a memory card.


Although these are not all the laptops, you can start with the few listed here if you want to select laptops for your kids.






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