Best Laptop Backpacks

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The best way to carry your laptop around is by using a backpack. A backpack is a better way to carry your laptop and other stuff around because its capable of containing more than what a briefcase can carry and even more stylish than a rolling bag.

Although different individuals have their idea of a perfect backpack, each bag listed below can hold a laptop and power cord, carry other loads and complement whatever you wear. There are different categories of backpacks. We have the one that's perfect for your everyday commuting, we have those that fit tech-savvy individuals, we have the packs that suit fashion enthusiast, and the one that suits road warriors and fitness minded people.

Here is a list of my favorite backpacks compiled from various reviews.


SwissGear Travel Gear 1900


This laptop bag from SwissGear has received numerous endorsements from thousands of reviewers online with its numerous compartments, padded laptop sleeve and strong build worthy of mention and part of the factors that make this bag comes out tops. The bag has enough space for your load but it's not bulky. It comes with a TSA scan feature that lets security personnel scan the bag with security machines without taking out that compartment.


Mancro Slim laptop bag


This beauty falls under the best rated less expensive laptop bag of 2019 due to its stylish figure. The bag is perfectly designed to suit its price and worth. It’s made with the best materials that make it comfortable to carry along. It has quite enough space for its size that it suits perfectly into the best-rated category.


AmazonBasics Backpack


Considering the cost of this bag, people often express their surprise at how perfectly designed the bag was made. Many of its users today were skeptical about purchasing this backpack but their persistence, in the end, paid up and they own one of the best crash bags available to users. Reviewers say it's sturdy and has lots of space for absolutely anything you want. Due to its padded internal laptop sleeve, the bag can accommodate laptops up to 17-inches.


Kopack Slim Laptop bag


A special feature of this bag is that it comes with a USB port that can help you in case you are stranded. The bag also has many pockets for an organized bag which makes it very useful with packing your laptop and other loads. It is a good backpack for your every day to day commuting due to its slim size and its internal sleeve makes it capable of fitting a 15” laptop.


eBags slim laptop bag


According to a review from frequent users, this is one of the best bags to own. It’s perfect well-built structure and sleek design give meaning to the bag’s description. This is the perfect bag from frequent travelers and people used to carrying much load.

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