Dell XPS 17 Dual Screen to Launch Summer 2020

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Reports have come out that Dell might be thinking of extending its XPS product line very soon. The first step at this will be by relaunching the XPS 17 laptop that they cut off in the past. The new model entering the market will have dual-screen. A road map to this was leaked in 2018 on Dutch website Tweakers. It revealed that a bigger XPS 17 laptop and a dual-screen XPS laptop is on the way, and this might be as soon as  the summer of 2020. In addition to that, it is also reported that the company is looking forward to refreshing the famous XPS 13 laptop with the brand new 10nm processor, also next year.

The tweaker website has its content written in Dutch, but a google translation revealed a statement that read - “An XPS 17 will be available in June 2020”. According to more information revealed, the XPS 17 7700 will carry discrete graphics -  this will be close to the XPS 15 refresh that was recently announced. It is also said to have a code name of Stradale. Dell, in the past, has launched a bigger 17-inch alternative of its XPS notebooks; however, they had chosen to discontinue the 17-inch alternative of the premium laptop series not too long ago.

The XPS 17 should be more accustomed to gaming and useful for creating content with higher end graphics card. It is reported to come with Intel’s Comet Lake cpu and Max-Q Nvidia GeForce 1660 Ti video card. Even though Intel is yet to announce the specifics of the Comet Lake H. However, leaks have speculated that the processor will come with a 14nm build and about 10 cores.

According to reports, also in the plan is a device with a dual-screen with the code name Maximus, it is a more compact device with a futuristic form. The leaks speculated that the Maximus is expected to launch in October 2020.  This report also shaped the belief that this concept from Dell will come with the usability close to that of the Samsung new Galaxy Fold and dual-screen Huawei phones. These devices have bendable displays, and they have bigger screens when opened. However, when closed, they will retract into a more compact unit suitable for travel. Although, the recent Dell patent application creates an opinion that Dell holds its views on ways to design the user experience with a detachable display. From past reports, there were rumors that Dell was planning on a dual-screen computing device with the code name Janus. At the moment, it is quite unclear if Maximus is a different device from Janus.

Leaks from the Dutch website also suggests the update the XPS 15 notebook by Dell next year with the Comet Lake H processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics. Also, the petite XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 Centenario got an update in August. The device got an Intel Ice Lake-U processor with a 10nm build.

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