Apple's New MacBook 2020. What to expect.

Apple has been consistent with selling Macbook laptops with great success. Late this year, they released the MacBook Pro 16-inch, and it came with a new keyboard, great performance, improved speakers and longer battery life.

The new MacBook Pro 2020 will come with better features, as hinted by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He specified that Apple would release great laptops during the second quarter of 2020.

So many people are torn between getting the new 16-inch model or waiting for new Apple’s 2020 MacBooks. In this article, we bring to you what to expect positively and negatively from Apple’s 2020 MacBook. Please note that this article is based on the information we have on the ground for now.

What you should expect

Better keyboard than previous models

The latest MacBook Pro came with great keyboard features. From the new scissor-switch, to double the travel of older keyboards, a physical escape key, the inverted T arrow keys, and a quiet keyboard experience. The new report from several tech blogs is that the new laptop will come with a better keyboard. That is worth waiting for.

An updated smaller design

Apple released the 16-inch version and made it a bit thicker. They did this to add an hour of battery life, while also making sure that the notebook is a bit larger so it will handle the display. The 2020 Apple MacBook Pro is likely to add more battery life and a 14-inch display. Although, this isn’t guaranteed at the moment; however, the rumors coming out all points towards this type of change occurring.

A display upgrade

It is reported that 2020 MacBook Pro 16 comes with a mini LED display. The mini LED display will offer better contrast ratios, HDR, and local dimming and a wide color gamut – while also allowing thinner display panels and increased efficiency in power. This mini LED technology is likely to have its debut with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the new MacBook Pro.

Expect better processors and graphics

The 2020 MacBook Pro is rumored to have the 10th generation Intel Core I processors. These CPUs are great with specific tasks. This processor will make sure the 2020 MacBook Pro tackles gaming and video editing faster and will also be great and quicker at compressing and decompressing files.

According to statements from Macworld, the graphics card attached to these processors shows at least a 50% boost in real-world graphics performance. This will enable you to use it with the new Pro Display XDR, and it will likely support up to three 4K displays at 120hz, two 5K displays at 60hz, or a single 8K display at 30 Hz.

Expect 5G support in the 2020 MacBook Pro

According to DigiTimes, the MacBook Pro in 2020 will come enabled with 5G. It is reported that Apple will be using a new material for the antennas to deliver better overall performance and speeds. This means that you can connect directly to 5G from your MacBook Pro without using a hotspot. 

The moment we get more details about the 2020 Apple MacBook Pro, we will bring this to your notice.

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