Asus Precog to Launch in 2020

Asus Precog is a laptop screen model with AI technology, a dual-screen laptop that has no physical keyboards present. This ground-breaking laptop was expected to launch this year; however, Rex Lee (General Manager – APAC) confirmed in an interview that we would have to wait till 2020. The Asus Precog was unveiled as a prototype at Computex 2018 in Taiwan, and apart from the fact that there is no physical keyboard present, the second display occupies the totality of the other half.

According to what was showcased last year when unveiling the prototype, the Asus Precog is a full-fledged convertible that could be used in the normal laptop form or tablet and tent mode, and the retail unit will also carry the same form. Another amusing feature of the Asus is its ability to be used as a dual-display desktop replacement, which is also mobile. An example of this was shown at the unveiling event when the laptop was propped into portrait mode, with a wireless keyboard placed in front of it - Asus calls this the Book Mode.

The Asus Precog AI comes with a unique feature called Intelligent Touch. It works based on Intel's Movidius Myriad 2 visual processing unit, and with this feature, the device can fully identify the input method that users use to change the interface accordingly. Some of the abilities include recognizing the position of the fingers to adjust the keyboard position and switching invent touch when touching the pen to the screen below. Regarding the display, no words were released, but there have been different speculations that it will likely come with the 4K OLED displays that came with the ZenBook Pro Duo.

Asus didn't give us details on hardware specs such as CPU and GPU options or screen resolutions, which makes us think along the line that the core components will likely be decided shortly before its release next year. Also, the price of the Asus Precog is unknown as of now, but we all expect it to come at a high price as it is a unique model that will make heads turn. We fully expect it to topple all other laptops when it comes to design awards, and in terms of performance, we expect it to match the hype already on ground.

Here is a list of what we know regarding specifications so far;

  • on-screen touch keyboard with auto mode – Keyboard will automatically pop-up when fingers near the display
  • 100% conventionally you can use as a tablet
  • Supports Intel’s Movidius VPU (Visual Processing Unit) for AI-powered experiences.
  • A multi-package vision for AI with Stand Mode, Book Mode, Tent Mode, Flat Mode
  • Sport 4K OLED dual touch displays
  • Stylus mode with AI support

Asus, in its latest financial report, stated that the Precog would be shaped as an independent product line that will be of special interest to the company in 2020. This means those who want to own a unique laptop model will likely wait for at least another two months after release when Aus will actually sell laptops with precog technology.

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