Which Tablet is the Best?

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

It’s hard to answer such question: which tablet computer is the best.
There may be as many answers as answering. All solutions would be subjective to personal preferences of responders.
Since the topic is very broad let’s narrow it. To do so let’s point to a key characteristic of the matter.
All tablets are very similar and different at the same time. They are mostly different by what is claimed by the manufacturers calling their product unique and revolutionary.
So to narrow the topic we will focus first on the majorly available operating systems.
More people will notice dissimilarity in software over the hardware. We can assume that generalizing that all tablets look very alike. To a naked eye they differ primarily by color and size. The popularity of each system dictates which companies sell more tablets.

Do you prefer iOS, Windows or Android?

Answering this question will give us and you a very good idea on which tablet could be your favorite.


Apple’s iOS is very well suited for iPads. Apple’s tablets are extremely easy and pleasant to use. But the gap between navigating iPads and other tablets isn’t as significant as it was when iPad 1st it the market in 2010. Since the death of Apple’s father Steve Jobs the company isn’t really doing anything new. Up to this time they are riding the wave created by Steve. They are yet following Steve’s lead in designing and promoting new devices. Thank their computers are still very good. Most of all Apple adopted the excellent marketing school. Promotion is Apple’s paramount.


For Windows lovers Microsoft has built and perfected for the last few years a line of Surface tablets. Microsoft also spends fortune on advertising their product. Surprisingly the company focuses on high end tablets that can be used by designers and other professionals. Microsoft successfully manages to price them very high. High end Surface tablets sell for more than iPads Pro. By doing so Microsoft decided to explore new realms of personal computing launching their first laptop a Surface Book.
Yet Microsoft and Windows are known for their imperfections. Just recently they lost the golden key and can’t get a grip till now on security of newest Windows 10.

At least Apple is very serious and straightforward about security of iOS. Apple is not giving up customers using their devices to anyone. That is a very good point to consider when choosing a phone or a computer that nowadays carries all our personal data and secrets.


Now that Android is merging with Chrome we can expect this OS environment to explode in popularity and its usefulness.
Till now Droid systems were somewhat similar to iOS. But they felt like younger and less mature cousin. They could be described as little more rough around edges but moving in the same direction.
But now with Google’s backing.. Hey let’ see how this is gonna come out. They will use the best parts of both systems.


Hardware wise iPads are beautifully built as a monolith from aluminum with edge to edge display. Pretty much the same as the first generation of iPad when in 2010 it looked so revolutionary.
New Retina displays on iPads Pro don’t leave much room to complain.
Microsoft tablets are also designed and manufactured seamlessly. But can we expect different considering the price tags.
Samsung seems to dominate the Android platform. But Lenovo tablets sell very good as well.
Samsung is catching up with Apple and Microsoft with various Galaxy and Galaxy Pro models.
And we must admit they are doing great. Luckily for the customers Samsung sell their products cheaper to stay competitive. Galaxy tablets matured over time and are well defined these days.


When Steve Jobs lead the team designing iPad 1st he made sure the tablet would not use any stylus. Instead he wanted the device to be controlled by human fingers. It was a big breakthrough in the industry.
Now ironically all high end tablets including iPads Pro use stylus again.

To summarize we will admit that competition is good in many aspects. Mainly it pushes the development of technology forward and keeps prices down.

For which tablet is the best you will have to answer yourself. Therebay there is no universal answer and there is no point to argue.