Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Tablets are in the hottest segment in today’s personal computing. Although they are making their way to the world of professionals very rapidly with new creations like Apple’s iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface and other latest Pro tablets. Their lightness, mobility and connectivity can’t be out bitten by laptops. From just being toys a couple of years ago they quickly became full blown computers taking a great share in the market of personal computers. Ultra-portable and more powerful tablets like iPad Pro replace bigger and more sophisticated machines in hands of graphics and media professionals. Tablets are must have item in every American household and soon around the world.


Tablet computers in new sizes


Most companies release new tablet models in various sizes and with additional functionalities to satisfy needs of greater crowd of users. Wide spectrum of tablets are not limited to any age group with special models dedicated to little kids.

Touch screen became a universal medium to express our thoughts and emotions and transfer them further into cyber world to connect with other people by simple touch of a finger. Commanding a computer was never easier and never more fun.

Lately 3D touch screens are bringing new dimension into tablet interaction.

With more companies producing tablets now and due to some level of market saturation major manufacturers like Apple reported sales plunging down. On the other hand new smartphones have grown substantially bigger in their size making small tablets virtually useless.



New way of life


Yet tablets are not going to disappear. Actually the opposite, they are the new reality and way of life.

Just to compete with laptops new tablets are paired with ultra-light detachable keyboards and kickstands making them as useful on desk tops. A whole new segment of so-called 2-in-1s and convertible laptops emerged to diminish the border between laptops and tablets.

It’s impossible now to make up universal image of a modern tablet without at least breaking them into few groups.



Best performance of Pro tablets


First is the best which can be easily pointed in direction of Pro tablets that have the finest technical parameters granting them best performance.

As soon as Apple announced the iPad Pro Microsoft followed the lead releasing newer Surface Pro. Samsung having extensive experience in manufacturing the best LCD screens as well as great tablets joined with Galaxy Tab Pro S.



Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S


Samsung advertises the new Galaxy Pro to be the only portable computer you will ever need. That will serve you as a tablet and a laptop when needed. The new Galaxy Pro is as mobile as a tablet and as powerful as a laptop with the latest Intel Core M processor and Windows 10 operating system. It’s been said to have enough speed and power to do heavy duty work. Beautifully designed and engineered full size keyboard and touchpad make the work extra convenient. Touchscreen also gives more options for cooperation. Its 12-inch size is ultra-portable yet big enough to serve as a mobile office. The quality of the picture also makes it a fully functional mobile home theater. Add connectivity with other devices including Xbox and you have fantastic entertainment center to go anywhere with you.



Enthusiasts of Windows


Enthusiasts of Windows will enjoy all available apps right at their fingertips.



Battery life


Over 10 hours of battery charge should be sufficient for the whole day of work and play. And if that’s not enough the new Samsung tablet takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge.



New camera and display


Great camera and display make the tablet your ultimate photo center. Take pictures, store them and show to anyone with one device.

Samsung also offers dedicated accessories like book cover that are must-have to protect your tablet if you are going to travel with it.

Slim and light design as well as performance make the new Samsung Galaxy Pro a serious rival for Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Especially considering lower price tag Samsung tablet may become the choice of many.