Why Google Stadia May Crash

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

I know to play in 4k 60fps without having to pay for the requisite gaming hardware is appealing to every gamer. Still, goggle Stadia is heading to failure if it doesn’t address some significant concerns.

Earlier this year in the Game Developers Conference 2019, Google announced its revolutionizing gaming platform, Stadia. Stadia is a cloud gaming platform for users to stream and play any game regardless of the capacity of the hardware they are using. I must admit it was a very brilliant idea; I could now play any game I wanted to that was on the Stadia platform from any device and still experience gaming as though I was using gaming hardware. But as ambitious as Google Stadia is, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be that successful.


Reasons why Stadia may crash


It isn’t cost-effective: 


Although the subscription to Google Stadia is only $129, which is much cheaper than any console in the market, in the long run, users would have spent more than enough to get an Xbox or a PS.

After its launch in November, you will need to pay a $10 per month subscription fee to gain access to 4K 60 FPS streaming. So, if you use Stadia for two years, you will be paying $129 + $240, which is almost the equivalent of an Xbox or PS console.

You will also have to pay for a few games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Doom eternal, etc. This means that the $10 subscription you’re paying doesn’t cover these games. Instead, you will have to pay the full price for the title on top of the hardware cost and subscription.


No offline play:


Regardless of how much technology has advanced, there are still places that won’t have internet access. Users may go to such places, and won’t be able to play because google stadia is pretty much useless without the internet. Some players still want to play games offline, and there are still countries that place restrictions on the data their internet service providers give them. Stadia may still have to hold on because the internet hasn’t become widespread or cheap just yet. 


Poor internet connectivity:


On America’s internet infrastructure, streaming multiplayer gaming is going to be difficult. Streaming of two of the best games in the world, Fortnite and Apex Legends on Stadia largely seems impossible on poor internet connectivity.

Throughout Google’s presentation, I noticed an emphasis on cooperative gameplay and persistent worlds, but hardly was anything said on competitive twitch- reaction multiplayer, and this is a concern for every shooting, car racing, and fighting game fan. The problem then becomes that can you play competitively and seamlessly on your wonky local internet provider?


Google’s poor track record of failed projects: 


Google, as we all know, is a big company that was made famous because of its successful search engine, amazing navigation, and GPS technology with Google map. Still, they also have a history of projects that never make it.

We have seen Google create social media apps like Google+, which was supposed to take over from Facebook but barely took off. Because of how much-failed project Google has, there is a site called the Google cemetery showing the number of failed projects Google has.

This is not to say that definitely, Stadia will fail, but at the moment, Stadia is not incentivizing anyone to buy it with all the factors mentioned above.