How Do I Increase The Lifespan Of My Computer?

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Even though the cost of the computers is dropping, it does not mean that you need to replace them often. Despite that notion promoted by places that sell laptops and want to maximize their earnings. So, rather than swap your computer, you would handle your present one with care. The processor technology has come far enough for people to be satisfied with their devices. So, these days, PCs can function with processors that are 7-8 years old. It means apart from physical damage, your laptops can last for a long time, but you need to do things to increase the lifespan.

Things like upgrading its RAM and Hard drive capacity are right moves to increase the lifespan of your computer though there are other ways to improve the lifespan, which will be noted in this guide.

How do you increase the lifespan of your Computer?


It's quite easy to maintain your laptop and increase its lifespan while its in use. Here are a few methods you can use to manage your computer.

Clean your laptop regularly

Remember that when you work with your computer in open space, the air is usually filled with dust and particles that rest on this laptop continually. Getting rid of these dust and particles regularly from your computer will make it start up quicker and maintain speed in the processor.

Run Disk Cleanup

You all know the disk cleanup function of your computers. You can also use that to maintain the computer. Running this cleanup function will wipe your system of bugs and cookies and any file that’s not useful and occupying space.    


Organize your computer

What that heading means is arranging your files in an orderly fashion, and while it may sound like a robust way to maintain your computer, its an efficient way of maintaining your computer. You can arrange files into folders manually, or you run a disk defragmentation function in the system, which will organize your data accurately. Though this function takes time depending on your hard drive size.

Scan computer for virus or malware

Viruses and malware are risky files to have in your system. It corrupts every file and slows down the computer. It's essential to protect your computer’s health as it would save you from any future or possible data loss.

Boost start up-programs

Some of us reading this have our system set to start up our favorite apps and features we work with every day when we put on the computer. For example, when you start up your laptop, chrome comes on, then uTorrent, then Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, and many more. Having all these programs start whenever you start your systems will cause it to take forever to load to your desktop. You can do without having these apps start up every time. 

Regular computer maintenance

If you’re one who is crafty and gifted with operating systems, you can loosen your laptop and clean its insides whenever you notice that the machine is running slow or malfunctioning due to glitch inside the system. But this is only for people who can loosen the panel of the computer and tighten every device in place correctly when you’re done.

If you can perform any or all of these steps regularly, your laptop is bound to last a very long time. You will enjoy its performance and speed; don’t just forget to upgrade its RAM and Hard drive.

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