Fastest Android Phones 2019

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The world’s smartphone makers are competing over who produces the best and smartest devices. They’re fighting each other to sell phones by dishing out new and excellent products every year. They are even amazed as to how tech websites have drawn up comparisons between their products, which helps them know what their devices lack in terms of having to take a large share of the market.

Their business doesn’t stop as they keep producing newer and better products yearly. For this year, we would look at the fastest devices they’ve managed to create;


Asus ROG Phone II


The ASUS ROG Phone II is a flagship device from ASUS and touted to be the world’s fastest phone. Created with a special chip from Qualcomm known as Snapdragon 855+, it has an octa-core CPU of 2.96GHz paired with an Adreno 640 GPU. It comes with a 12GB RAM, 1TB storage, and 120Hz 6.59 FHD display screen.  This device has been touted to be faster than the like of the Galaxy Note 10 or the OnePlus 7 Pro. While some users may not notice the difference naturally, you would see changes when running games.


OnePlus 7T


Given a 4.5-star rating, the OnePlus 7t is a phenomenon among its class of phones. Quite an upgrade from its older device the OnePlus 7, the OnePlus 7T Pro features a 6.55 AMOLED screen with 90Hz speed, an upgraded triple camera option, and 30 W charging feature that helps charge your phone full under 40 minutes.


Xiaomi Mi 9


Another 4.5-star rated phone, the Mi 9, is an incredible device that matches speed with beauty. This device is an upgrade from the Mi 8 and features Snapdragon 855 processor, 20W wireless charging feature, a triple-lens camera with a 48MP lens. 


Asus Zenfone 6


The Asus Zenfone is another flagship device from Asus which follows the trends of a hole-punch camera to deliver its own styled flip camera system. Images captured with this camera are well detailed, and the camera can record at 4k@60fps with EIS. Apart from the camera, the design of the Zenfone 6 is ecstatic, has a curved rear that fits into the palm nicely, has a glowing design, and a 6.4” display screen without bezels and notches. This body of awesomeness has a 5000mAh battery that powers it for more than 92 hours when fully charged.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


The Galaxy S10 Plus is known to be the best among the numerous Galaxy devices ever made. Built with an outstanding camera, excellent body design, and eye-catching display. You will enjoy the use of this phone even though it’s entirely on the high side. It’s One UI’s addition would give its users an enjoyable experience with its day to day use, and it possesses more features than you can imagine.

If you’re the type to work off your phone while attending to other businesses for the day, then you should consider one of these devices as they are fast enough to handle your operation. 

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