5 Gaming Laptops You Should Never Buy 2019

Image by Marcin Trzmiel from Pixabay

Among the available laptops, not many new models have enough features to play the latest PC games without difficulty and with the absence of bugs. But these five laptops are not good enough for core games. These Laptops are nightmares to hardcore gamers, so if you want your man to express himself, then get him something to serve as a bit of distraction. If you plan on surprising him with a great gaming PC, take note of these devices when you’re in the market;

HP Omen 15, Omen 17

Note that when buying a new laptop, users/buyers typically go for devices with performance and high display quality. HP handled these issues by releasing new products to capture the attention of the user. These products include the Omen 15, Omen 17, and Pavilion power 15t, but among these three pieces, none can be considered standard enough on the 2018 gaming gadget market. So, if you’re considering getting any of these for gaming, you have to reconsider.

Aorus/Gigabyte X9

Aorus/Gigabyte laptops are another product that falls below standard in the gaming world. Though these laptops can serve other purposes in the tech world, they’re not just right for gaming. Beginning with its display and weak audio sound, the Aorus/Gigabyte do not stand a chance to compete against the big guns out there. That’s not to say they have no other products that can do the job. If you want something better, go check out the Gigabyte Aero gaming laptop or the Aorus gaming laptop X9, which can be both used for a day to day activity and high-end gaming.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Dell laptop is another machine that has received low ratings when it comes to gaming. Though they produce quality brand systems, they’ve not hit top-notch quality when it comes to building gaming laptops. The few they’ve made like the Inspiron gaming 15 5000 are not market quality. From its lackluster display to shallow keyboards and missing onboard gaming software, the Inspiron 15 doesn’t cut it out. They need to do better if they want to be taken seriously.

Lenovo Legion Y720

Lenovo company put out the Legion Y720 gaming laptop, but that piece of work hasn’t reached the top level. Its lackluster performance puts this company on this list. There was no innovative thinking to that product though they have a chance to redeem themselves with the release of the Y530 and Y920.

Origin PC EON17-X and EON 15-X

Origin PC industries put out the EON17-X and EON 15-X last year, which could serve as a gaming device or an everyday work computer. But this piece of work falls below standard with its lack of user-friendly software and innovation. It put the company’s product in the wrong light, and they need to do better to redeem themselves.

You find any of these laptops interesting that’s fine as it can serve in your daily use but not as a device for gaming. There are other better products out there that’ll fit your needs. If you don't like the one you got you can easily sell your laptop to us and buy your dream machine after doing more research.

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