Best Laptop Bags in 2019

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

If you’ve ever experienced your laptop falling from your hand, you’ll probably understand how much having a laptop bag can mean. You may be traveling or rushing to work and then your laptop falls or gets damaged because it wasn’t covered with the right bag and now you’ll have to spend more money to fix it, and in that process you may end up losing your hard drive and the information it carries which I’m sure means the world to you.

Laptop bags can save us from a lot of expenses, they are padded enough to protect our laptops from impact, liquid and other elements. There are several different types of laptop bags, so I’ll be giving you a list of my top picks, and I’m sure you’ll like at least one.


Best laptop carrying bags


eBags backpack


It screams attractive, comfortable with a lifetime warranty. eBags laptop bags are an excellent choice for your laptop carrying case. With durable and though polyester body, plus DuPont Teflon fabric protection, you have nothing to worry about. It also has multitudes of compartments and a crush-proof AC adapter garage with a water bottle compartment ensuring that you can carry all that you will need.

Its padded compartment can carry 15inch laptops with detachable padding that can be removed to allow 17-inch laptops rest comfortably. The inclusion of a top handle also allows it to be converted from a laptop bag to a briefcase.


Incase icon pack


It is made of 100% nylon, it offers several zippers to ensure security, and it’s a one-size-fits-all laptop bag. Its sternum straps and padded shoulder straps make it very comfortable to wear even when it’s heavy. The bag frame remains in shape no matter how much gear you put in it, so it still looks good no matter how full it is.


Mancro anti-theft laptop bag


If you’re always on the move, this is the perfect laptop bag for you. It is made of eco-friendly, water-resistant nylon and reinforced shoulder straps to alleviate strain when you’re carrying hefty things. It also comes with a theft-proof lock and metal zips to ensure that your luggage stays safe and protected.

Inside the bag, you’ll find three main compartments and a padded one for laptops as big as 15.6 inches. It also comes with a handy built-in USB so you can always use your portable battery on the go and still have easy access to it.


Solo laptop hybrid briefcase backpack


The first time I saw it, I thought to myself, “is this a backpack or a messenger bag?” and to my surprise, it’s both. It can serve as both a messenger briefcase and a backpack with the addition of a shoulder strap and dual back straps. Since it is made of polyester, it isn’t entirely waterproof, but it offers 360-degree protection for whatever you decide to put in it. The downside is since it’s slim, it doesn’t give you enough room to pack all you may need to pack.

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