What Type Of Computer Screen Is Best For Your Eyesight?

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

With more and more time spent at computer desk we should become aware of how computers impact our health. With all the fun things to do on our computers, we spend hours looking at the screen, but staring at the monitor screen for too long can cause eyesight problems. It is therefore in your best interest to get eye-friendly screens, accessories or features that limit the number of blue rays that reaches your eyes.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options for users to choose from when looking to buy an eye-friendly monitor screen. One significant benefit of the advancement in screen technology is the abandonment of old tube-style monitors (CRT or Cathode ray tubes) and the adoption of flat-paneled LED screens with anti-reflective surfaces that are friendlier on the eyes.

Eye-friendly monitor screens

There are several computer screens that have been designed with special consideration of its effect on your eyes. For example, we have the:

ASUS PB279Q Computer Monitor:

This computer monitor is built with special eye care technology; its 4k/UHD 3640X2160 IPS display is one of the best in the market today.

ASUS takes pride in its series of monitors that are eye-friendly. Their monitors are equipped with blue light filter and are TUV certified flicker to make sure your eyes don’t get fatigued easily.

It also uses smart, dynamic backlight adjustment so you can stare at your monitor for hours without worrying.

ASUS PB279Q is specially designed to give every user an elite, eye-friendly and smooth experience. It is designed to provide you with maximum comfort, so features like its blue ray filter settings can be adjusted to just how you want it.

There are several other computer monitors who care for your eyes like BenQGW2765HT, ASUS MX259H, Dell UltraSharp U2412M, etc.

How to maximize eye health

You may already have a computer which isn’t precisely eye-friendly and getting a new one isn’t an option not to worry, there are several tips to keep your eyes safe.

  • Use good lighting: Eye strains are frequently caused by excessive bright light either from sunlight or from harsh interior light. When using a computer, try and set your ambient light to be half as bright as a typical office light. You can also use the curtains to block excessive sunlight.
  • Adjust your computer light: Adjusting the brightness of your computer screen can also help reduce eye strain or fatigue.

You can also try to adjust the size and contrast of text especially long ones when reading. You can also change the color temperature of your computer to reduce the level of blue light been emitted.

  • Use computer glasses: For maximum comfort when using your computer, you may need to consider using computer glasses. These glasses may be lightly tinted to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light emitted by your computer.
  • Use a comfortable and supportive chair: Your posture helps you relax better when using your computer, position yourself so that your feet are flat on the floor. Give yourself and your computer a reasonable distance when you’re using it.
  • Rest your eyes: Take breaks while using your computer; allow your eyes to rest every 20 minutes. Look twenty feet away for 20 seconds. Get at least 15 minutes break for every 2 hours you use your computer.