Advantages of Uusing Linux over Windows

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There is no doubt that both the Linux operating system (OS) and Windows OS are two of the best operating systems for computer users today. Additionally early operating systems used by Apple computers were based on Linux as well.

From the creation of the first windows OS in 1985 (MS-DOS) windows has kept on updating and making their OS better. Linux, on the other hand, was created in 1991, and since then, different versions of the OS have been made available.

If you aren’t a power user, the Windows OS is more likely to be your ideal choice when compared to the Linux OS. However, more advanced PC users tend to experience something better/ different when using the Linux OS.


Here are the advantages of using the Linux OS over Windows OS;


  • Open-sourced nature: Imagine buying your dream car, but you’re not able to take a peek under the hood; that’s what Windows users’ experience. One of the significant advantages of using Linux over Windows is customisation. If you like personalising everything to look different and unique to just you, Linux is perfect for you.


Not every Windows user has access to the source codes, but in contrast, Linux OS is open-sourced which means that Linux users can access their source codes of kernel and they can also be modified so that each user can personalise his or her Linux OS.

Linux gives you a wide array of features to select from. Apart from installation themes, you have access to tons of beautiful icon themes; you can also use Conky to display system information on your desktop in very cool ways.




  • Security: One of the main burdens of using windows OS is its vulnerability to different types of attacks or hacks. However, Linux provides much more protection which makes it less vulnerable although it’s still prone to attacks, it’s not as susceptible as windows OS.


Linux security is not just about the way the entire system works but its overall process. The process of package management, the concept of repositories and other features gives it better security.

Unlike Windows, Linux doesn’t require the use of antivirus programs to be kept safe from hackers. A couple of software tools are still needed to keep your system free from threats because you can never be too safe open-sourced, but they aren’t necessary.




  • Perfect for programmers: Linux supports almost all of the programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, etc.) which makes it the best for programmers. It also offers a vast range of applications which are very useful for programming purposes.


Linux also has the ability of bashing script, which is one of the reasons many programmers prefer it.




  • Updates:  Linux offers much more updates which download at a much faster speed when compared to windows.

  • Free to use: Linux was made available to the public for free, unlike Windows.

  • Reliability: Windows becomes old, and when it does, it begins to become slow till it should crash then you will have to reinstall. But if you’re using Linux, you don’t have to worry about reinstallation just to experience faster and smoother usage because Linux on its own helps your system run faster and smoother for a longer period.

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