Most anticipated phones of 2019

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Every year, several phone companies unveil new products with improved tech, fantastic design, and capabilities so we can’t help but anticipate the possibilities and features these new phones bring.

With this compiled list of the most anticipated 2019 smartphones, you will have a good idea of what you should be looking for when next you go phone shopping. This list shows only phones that haven’t been released, so phones like iPhone 11, Samsung Note 10 and other amazing phones which have already hit the market aren’t included.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung galaxy fold opened the phone industry to a new era of foldable screens. The foldable phone was initially to be launched in April, but due to some screen issues Samsung had to extend the launch date although they claim to have found the solution and we should expect its distribution soon.

The Galaxy Fold combines a 4.6-inch infinity flex display on the outside with a tablet 7.3-inch panel on the inside. Using software, Samsung is trying to make the transition from the small screen to the big screen as seamless as possible thanks to App Continuity.

In total, it has six cameras, 512 GB of memory space and 12 GB of ram, ensuring that all applications run smoothly.

Huawei Mate X

Huawei also tried the foldable phone design with the Mate X which was announced in February at the mobile world congress in Barcelona. Mate X has a single display of 8 inches of a corner to corner display which covers the entire surface of the phone making it look more appealing than the Samsung galaxy fold. It also has a quad lens camera module rather than Samsung’s design of cameras.

It’s cheaper than the Samsung fold and comes in 5G, putting Samsung to shame.

The future of Mate X is still not known, no one is sure if it’ll see the light of day because Google has been barred from licensing its apps and services, but the Mate X was produced before the ban so theoretically it should be spared.

Motorola Razr

Surprisingly, Motorola phone is looking to make a comeback with its new iconic Razr phone. It’s a mixture of the old classic flip design with the modern age touch and foldable screen technology.

The wall street journal in February reported that Motorola could reintroduce the Razr this year.

Motorola didn’t speak about the possibility of reintroducing the phone during the Mobile World Congress, so we aren’t quite sure we’ll see the phone in reality but based on rumors, we could learn that the phone will be released in limited run exclusively on Verizon and it’s going to give the Samsung Fold a run for its money.

From flagships like Samsung note 10 to Huawei p30 Pro, 2019 already has some fantastic smartphones, but things are about to get even more exciting. Rumors have been heard concerning Samsung’s new s11 and note 11 which will be given a single name, Samsung Galaxy One and these rumors carry it that it’s going the first buttonless smartphone but keep your fingers crossed.

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