Is Ipad Pro Good For Gaming?

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

Apple has given its new iPad Pro a lot of new and better features which they claim has made it comparable with gaming consoles like X Box One S for the first time ever.

Apple is using its iPad Pro to send warning signals by dunking on consoles like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox by using specific phrase in its presentation. A while ago, Apple came out to say that “iPad pro, provides an experience that rivals consoles for the very first time.”

Top-notch games like NBA 2K19 was used to show the gaming power of the iPad during its launch. The iPad version of 2019 renders more than 6 million pixels and clocks in at 60fps which is a really impressive performance for mobile games.

iPad Pro comes with new updated specs which include a substantial boost in CPU performance, double the GPU power which according to Apple, makes it a perfect gaming device. However, let’s face it; it can’t rival gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation in gaming experience. Many of the go-to iPad games like war of lions, for example, are compactable with the device and optimum performance is seen, but for games which require higher levels of precision, a proper controller is needed. This alone disqualifies iPad pro from becoming a home console.

iPad from its inception till date focuses on bringing work closer to you; its selling point is in the new display, face id, full Photoshop, and multitasking, so its further attention towards gaming is impressive. iPad Pro has turned out to be a great gaming device with amazing graphics and a super-fast processor. The fact that on a broad scale, it can be compared to home consoles says it all.

An Apple speaker in its iPad pro event in Brooklyn went on to give several features on how the iPad Pro is Pro gaming device and added that “there is no ac cord required” I found that to be funny. With all advancements in technology and graphics of consoles, there is still a need to be continuously connected to power for you to play and this simply isn’t cool. There are times that you’ll go camping or you’ll be on the road for hours, and you wouldn’t be able to play the one game that can get your mind off things just because you can’t plug in your console anywhere.

iPad Pro provides gaming performance that’s as good as the consoles at home on a computer that’s 94% smaller. But Apple didn’t just use words to describe their new product; they showed a demo of the latest NBA 2K on it. The textures and animations were so crisp and fluid that it had not been seen on any mobile device before. A real bummer is in the price; while a console like Xbox One S costs $200 an iPad pro runs for $800.

Many gamers will still prefer to play games on big television monitors with quality sound and better controls, so it’s going to be really difficult for iPad pro to compete with home console even though it’s an excellent device for gaming.

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