Is there a new MacBook Pro coming out in 2019?

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Close to the middle of the year, Apple released revitalized models of the MacBook Pro adding new 8th and 9th-generation Intel processors new release and introducing new keyboard updates tackling the problems encountered by previous models. Roughly two months later on July 2019, Apple released new updates for its earlier versions of the MacBook Pro which was last updated in 2017. Apple claims that its latest release offers faster performance than the previous generations.

However, the question is when is a new MacBook Pro coming out? It has been a while since Apple last made a significant change to its design and there have been rumors that Apple is going to roll out another design of MacBook Pros by the fall of this year with 16-inch screens.

New iPhones announced

During their last major event which held on September 10, 2019, many mac enthusiasts were on the look for a release or a mention of the forthcoming MacBook Pro but unfortunately no mention was made as all attention was focused on the new phone series which includes the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 pro Max, Apple watch series 5 among other products. This leaves us with one more major launch event which comes in October.

New 16-inch model

As expected, a new MacBook Pro from Apple would have to overcome the challenges faced by the models designed since 2017. Issues such as failing keyboards, performance issues, overheating as well as some cases of batteries exploding has plagued the current generation of MacBook Pros. Many believe a 16-inch MacBook Pro would be the major highlight of any MacBook release this year, with it potentially becoming the largest MacBook in terms of screen size and resolution after the 17-inch models were discontinued a few years ago.

New Display

It is expected to have a 3,072×1,920-pixel resolution, an upgrade to the latest 15-Macbook Pro which has a pixel resolution of 2880×1800. It might also come with an OLED display made by Samsung while some analysts argue that it will be a TFT-LCD panel made by LG. Adding to this, the MacBook Pro is rumored to have thin bezels. Being the largest MacBook in Apple, it is expected to come in with the latest processors from Intel such as the 9th generation H series processors. There is little information on the kind of graphics war chest the new MacBook would be endowed with. With AMD’s Navi chips on the way, we might be seeing a lot of debut action from the Mac Pro. It is noteworthy that the recent release of MacBook Pros that came out earlier this year run on the Radeon Pro Vega graphics with 4 GB of dedicated memory.

New Keyboard

According to reports from Ming-Chi Kou, a notable Apple analyst, the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro will debut the new “scissor-switch” keyboard. The scissor-switch keyboard technology was used previously in MacBook pro that preceded the 2016 models. Although this technology coming to the forthcoming MacBook Pro will be upgraded with glass fiber-reinforced keys. However, it is important to note that this is just a speculation as Apple might only decide to stick with the Butterfly keyboard while adding a few things to the design.

Consequently, many people are enthusiastic to see Apple sell MacBook that's a completely new design. Like stated earlier, if a new MacBook Pro would be released this year, then October is the month. If not, then 2020 is the year we come in contact with this machine.

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