Uncommon Tech Devices That Can Also Be Recycled

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

E-waste is becoming a global threat to both humans and animals alike. This threat is caused by the improper disposal and recycling of used electronic devices. Before you toss your old mobile phone into the trash can, be aware that wrong disposal can lead to numerous hazardous effects such as environmental pollution caused by the release of harmful chemical substances from these devices into the air, land and sea.

These can be caused by ignorance, but the harm remains regardless. Not knowing which device can and should be recycled will lead to improper disposal of these gadgets. For this reason, I have compiled a list of electronic devices that you didn’t know could be recycled.

Electronic devices and materials you didn’t know could be recycled

Everyone has and uses them, but what happens when they get damaged? Most people toss in the trash, and that’s a bad way of disposing of them. CDs don’t decompose in a landfill because they are made of polycarbonate. Instead, they are shredded and melted into fine plastic to be used to manufacture building materials.

Computer monitor and peripherals

Every part of your computer can be recycled, but most people don’t know this, and they end up ditching old desktops in the waste bin. Disposal of computer monitors is illegal, and you can be prosecuted if caught; therefore, it is advisable to send them over to an authorized recycling company to get the job done. Before you do that, ensure all your personal information is completely erased from the computer to avoid any data breach.


Printers don’t last forever, especially with the evolution of non-rechargeable printers. When a printer has exceeded its lifespan and can’t be repaired any longer, it is advisable to recycle it rather than dumping it in your basement.


Do you know what a server is? The average person will refer to it as a cloud storage, which isn’t totally wrong. Cloud services also make use of servers (large storage devices) to store data. Servers also get outdated and need to be recycled to avoid hazardous effects on the environment.

VHS cassettes

With the advent of CDs and live streaming, VHS cassettes went into extinction. I’m sure you’ll find a few of these cassettes lying around somewhere in your basement. Many people prefer just to throw it in the trash, which contributes to environmental pollution. Old VHS cassettes can be recycled too, and you can even make a few bucks off them.

Old Apple devices and iPhones

Do you have an old iPhone 4 lying around in the house? You haven’t used it years, and it’s not useful either lying somewhere in your room. Apple allows its users to send in their old Apple devices for recycling, and they compensate you with money, it’s a win-win.

Game disks

Gaming consoles are struggling to stay in the market with the rise of high-end gaming laptops. If you still have that outdated SEGA console and its game disks, then it should please you to know they can be recycled and you can save the earth.


Batteries are the last thing people think of recycling and probably the most hazardous materials. Don’t dispose of them in the trash anymore if you want to keep your environment e-waste free. Batteries can be recycled, and they should be packed and sent to a recycling company in your neighborhood.

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