6 ways drones are impacting our lives today

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Drones have gone far beyond what most people imagined just a few years ago. In the past, drones were only known with their association with military use and defense. Now, the story has changed, and drones have evolved into better machines and are here to stay.

A countless number of industries are now introducing drone technology to help make certain tasks easier and offer a wider view of things and a safer way to explore places in extreme conditions.

Companies such as Facebook and Amazon are investing in drone technology. Although it hasn’t been approved yet, Amazon plans to use drones for delivery purposes to reduce transportation costs and increase efficiency by avoiding road traffic.

Here are the 6 major ways drones are impacting our lives today

Film industry

Before the advent of (unarmed aerial vehicles) UAVs, the movie industry relied on a helicopter to film certain scenes to get better viewing angles. This method though effective at that time is expensive and requires you to have a pilot with a real helicopter on board. With drones, movie producers have been able to save money on cost and capture more impressive angles on set.

News and journalism

Reporters and news agencies go through a lot to provide us fresh and important news, and this comes with several challenges. One of these challenges is getting footage of crime scenes or other life-endangering happenings. Some of the places they have to get to are just too difficult to reach, and this is where drones come into play.

CNN has utilized this opportunity with its advanced drone program called CNN Air, which has helped them capture footage that is impossible to get by a reporter due to physical barriers.  


Sending astronauts to space is not only dangerous but also expensive and quite limiting. There are several planets that man can’t even study personally because of their unfavorable conditions, but drones can.

The Mars 2020 mission will be observed by a robocraft helicopter to see if life ever existed on Mars, NASA made this announcement in May 2018. This puts humans away from any danger out there and helps achieve more effective and detailed research.

Wildlife documentary

There are numerous endangered species across the world today, and most of them are hard to find. Drones have made it possible to track and study animals that live in places that are difficult or dangerous to reach. Rather than placing static cameras in the wild, drone technology allows us to study these creatures from a closer perspective, which gives us a better understanding of life around us.


The world of sports is filled with fast-paced action and excitement that you don’t want to miss. A straight-line camera can't fully cover all this action. Drones offer closer views and personal perspective, which has changed the way audience experience televised sports.

Extreme outdoor activity

Mountain climbing, hiking, and several other extreme outdoor activities have been made safer by drones. Now, explorers can use drones to map out the area or mountain they want to see or climb to know the difficulties that lie ahead before taking any step. This shows mountain climbers the best routes they can take to reach the top safely instead of endangering themselves. For personal use outdoors the follow me mode enables us to get footage of ourselves like newer before.

UAVs can reach places humans can’t, and drone technology is constantly improving. In the future drones will be able to handle more activities in several industries.

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