Advancements in Smartphones

Smartphones are becoming revolutionary in today’s world, and many people on this planet still do not understand the capabilities that these gadgets offer. Some people may recognize these unique devices by the name “cell phone,” but they do not realize that devices these days are anything but cell phones. These gadgets can do more than anybody ever thought they could do. Calling, texting, gaming, photography, banking, television, movies, monitoring personal health; the capabilities are incredible. The number of smartphone users in the world is growing at a rapid rate.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone

The leading two smartphone brands are Apple and Samsung.

Both companies build phones that can do a lot of the same things but with entirely different interfaces. Right now, they are both selling smartphones  worldwide annually reaching around 73-74 million units. The main differences between the competitors are the price, quality of the phone, and the software on the phone. In most cases, Apple smartphones, iPhones, are more expensive and higher quality. Samsung’s smartphones are usually noticeably cheaper and slightly lower quality. Both smartphones are incredibly advanced, but there are apparent differences that cause some people to choose one company over another. The decision for consumers really comes down to personal preference.


New features

About a decade ago, smartphones started evolving rapidly, mainly throughout the US. Phones used to be only for calling, and some of them could text. Then mobile phones started to have cameras on the back of them that could take pictures and short videos. Nobody thought much of it at the time, but the truth is that these cameras would eventually be powerful enough to take photos with similar quality as digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras such as Canon and Nikon. There is no reason even to buy a DSLR camera these days since you could have a smartphone that can take just as good if not better photos in addition to the capabilities to call, text, game and much more.


Technology keeps advancing

The increasing rate of development of these devices is becoming almost impossible to catch. As these devices keep advancing, society needs to learn to adapt to the new technological changes that are going to keep taking place in this world. As Apple keeps advancing its products, Samsung will do the same to keep up with the supply and demand.. This worldwide rivalry continues and consumers will keep switching between these two manufacturers as innovative advancements are released. Smartphones are not going anywhere, so it is essential to learn how these devices are changing our lives daily and adapt accordingly.