Best MacBook Laptops to Buy in 2019

Apple has taken over the phone industry, amassing huge success and praise. Yet, Apple still creates some great laptops that can cater to any person.

Apple Macbook Laptop Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Best All-Around Laptop: 13-inch MacBook Pro

You really can’t go wrong with this laptop. It has the speed needed for most tasks, but still maintains the portability for people on the go. The touch bar also adds to the already easy-to-use experience, so this computer is also great for “productivity freaks”.

Best for Students: 13-inch MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is essentially the perfect laptop for students. It’s light, sleek, and sturdy enough to handle a backpack-beating. The performance is good enough for notes, writing, and most other tasks, while the battery can last for well over a day of use. The new model of MacBook Air features an ultra-high-resolution retina display, which looks really great.

Best Performance-Focused Laptops: 15-inch MacBook Pro

For those who prefer macOS and the great chassis, but still, want killer performance and great specs, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is perfect. A quad-core i7 and up to 32GB of memory mean that this laptop can handle really performance-intensive tasks such as video editing, and even some light gaming. You will be losing some portability, but the trade off is worth it for many people.

When you SHOULD buy an Apple laptop:
  • You have lots of money - Apple laptops are expensive and overpriced. The performance to price ratio isn’t nearly as good as other laptops at its price point. But, when you buy a MacBook, you’re paying for an experience.

  • You need the “Apple ecosystem” - Apple makes sure that once you buy one of their products, you buy another. That’s why they tie so many of the features together. “If you buy an iPhone AND a MacBook, you’re able to do this!”

  • You want to flex - I had to include this on the list because Apple has transformed their laptops into a status symbol.

When you SHOULDN’T buy an Apple laptop:
  • You need great performance - Although Apple does have some decently powerful laptops, none of them can handle heavy duty gaming. That’s not what they’re meant to do. MacBooks are meant to appeal to the average person, who doesn’t care about insane FPS in Fortnite or quick render times.

  • You want something affordable - With the minimum cost of a MacBook costing over $1000, it’s no wonder so many people are switching to Windows and Linux.

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