Top 5 apps for MacBook Pro 2019

Apps and programs are what makes a laptop function better, and it’s the same for a MacBook Pro. Having a computer is one thing, but having the right app can make every task a lot better.

Macbook Apps

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

IOS apps are built by the best programmers who understand the needs of every Apple user. Numerous apps have been developed to make everyday life better. Some apps can perform any task you can think of such as keeping track of your schedule, saving all your passwords, helping you with office documentation and lots more.

Here’s our list of top apps for MacBook Pro 2019



The security of all your online accounts and gadgets is paramount, that’s why passwords exist. But memorizing all the passwords to your numerous accounts is quite difficult to do without forgetting some from time to time. The 1Password app saves you the stress of remembering numerous passwords. All you need is one master password, after saving all the passwords to your various accounts, create a master password. This lets you access all your accounts with just one password, any time.



The TextExpander is a favorite to everyone who does a lot of typing like bloggers, novelists, and writers in general.
Just like the name says, TextExpander makes typing faster and easier by expanding commonly used words from a short text which looks more like an abbreviation.
Here’s how it works; for example, there is this word, combination of words or even a paragraph that you use often. You can save that paragraph in the TextExpander with a short abbreviation like ˝BE˝ and whenever you type ˝BE˝ that whole paragraph automatically completes the sentence you were typing. Now, you can type more words in less time.



Just like the name says, Todoist is a note-taking app that saves and organizes all your personal and professional activities on your schedule. It also reminds you of what you need to do beforehand which helps increase your time management during the day. Every busy individual needs this great app.



Bear is a note-taking app that lets helps you jot down those short bits of ideas on the go. With this app you can write down important notes, things you need to remember later, great ideas and even create to-do lists.



Hazel is another fantastic app that makes organizing your files easier. All you need to do is create a custom task for it to follow. This task could be anything, like saving a document with a particular heading in one folder. Therefore, if the app recognizes such title, it automatically saves and arranges such documents in one folder. This means you don’t have to drag and drop every time, just set it to perform a given organizational task and it follows. Hazel makes your desktop less messy and more organized.

Another app worth mentioning is BackBlaze which helps you back up all your files in case of the need for a system restore due to theft or crash. For just $5 per month, it’s an app worth having on your MacBook Pro.