New Tech Trends that promises to change the IT and computing world

Every year, new computer trends spring up to dominate the computer market. Knowing the trend in vogue as a computer enthusiast will always keep you ahead of other web users. Here, we will look at some of the most striking computer trends to look out for all through this year:

1. Machine Learning

We may still be a few years away from the era of complete artificial intelligence, but the fact remains that several apps like smartphones, smart devices and websites are increasingly turning to the idea of machine learning as a way of saving time and automating some of their important daily operations. Increased chatbots adoption is a good example of this. Another good example is the fact that almost every upper or middle-class household now resort to one or two virtual assistive device(s) such as Cortana or Alexa to carry out some tasks.

Face on Augmented Reality Set Image by Pexels on Pixabay
2. Augmented Reality

Several corporate training rooms, colleges, and some other public education centers are beginning to turn to augmented reality as one unique way to help employees and students learn new skills and improve on old ones. These augmented realities come with the advantage of being able to repeat the same thing severally without getting worn out of exasperated like live teachers would. Also, these apps can be paid for just once and used all through the year unlike when you have real live teachers.

3. Edge Computing

Centralized cloud computing comes with the drawbacks of reduced computing speed and increased risks. These two drawbacks are however addressed by edge computing. Edge computing remains an integral version of cloud computing, it, however, differs in its use of local resources which guarantee increased speed and security simultaneously.

Blockchain Image by jaydeep_ on Pixabay
4. Blockchain as a remedy for security lapses

There is a very high hope that the high end to end encryption which blockchain introduced is about to find broader application as tech companies and organizations move to adopt it as a means of safeguarding their users' sensitive information. The low code development involved in blockchain makes it a whole lot easier for any developer to develop security software.

5. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps is a technique that combines both browser and mobile technologies to give users the very best of the two tech worlds. They come with ease of use, enable users to receive notifications from sites even when they are offline. This will no doubt obliterate the thin line between apps and conventional websites as more online merchants seek ways to integrate their online marketing strategies and content sharing. The healthy competition that exists between tech companies will continue to fuel the rapid advancement of the IT field. Every tech company seeks ways to come up with state-of-the-art new technology and have the tech market adopt it before their competitors come up with anything related to what they have created. This type of competition means the computer and IT world will always have something hot and sizzling to talk about for ages to come and we will always be here to keep you in the know. Welcome to the age of unending digital advancements.

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