iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XS Max

I am going to give you my experience of trading the iPhone XS Max for an 8 Plus, for about a week.

Number one is biometrics

Touch ID is a proven tech that is very accurate and precise unless there's any amount of moisture on your fingers, which makes Face ID a better unlocking solution. Face ID does have some other perks like passwords auto-filling with your face and not having to touch it. In terms of speed and efficiency, Touch ID is still the clear winner. Hopefully, with the future iPhone, we can get Face ID on their front glass and that would make Touch and Face ID a killer combination.

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Number two is the notch

Yes, it's been talked about over and over, and videos in landscape mode look much better on the 8 Plus. It just feels more natural to look at a video in landscape without a notch. You can stretch the video on the XS Max but you will cut some of the videos off. That being said, both of these panels are top-notch (no pun intended), though the OLED does look a little bit better. However, if you are sensitive to PWM then the LCD panel on the 8 Plus will be better for you.

Number three is the cameras

Both phones feature a regular camera and a telephoto camera lens. The cameras on both are fantastic; however, the smart HDR on the iPhone XS is better. It also has a 30% larger sensor and a front-facing portrait mode. The 8 Plus cameras are certainly no slouch, you get 40k 60 just like the XS. The main differences are stereo audio recording and 60fps on the front-facing camera.

Number four, the price

is much more affordable on the iPhone 8 Plus. The difference between $699 and $899 plays a big factor if you're on the fence between these two. If you're on a budget and want 80% of what the XS Max can do, then the 8 Plus is for you. It's an excellent all-around device.

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Number five is battery life

The 8 Plus has a longer battery life than the XS max, and yes the Max has a higher res screen and Face ID, but the XS Max only lasts about a day whereas the 8 Plus lasts about 1.5 days.

Number six is gaming

in landscape mode. The 8 Plus feels more natural and the bezels feel kind of like a gamepad controller. It just feels better to me.

Number seven, stereo speakers

are available on both devices, but the quality of the XS Max is way more capable. The sound is louder and more immersive.

Number eight are processors.

Both phones have decent performing chips. The 812 Bionic is about 15% faster than the A11 found in the 8 Plus. However, the 8 Plus can still power through all of today's games on the go, and video edits with ease. However, in day-to-day usage, both of these chips perform almost identical.

Number nine is the looks.

The 8 Plus can look a bit dated on the design. it's been around since late 2014 and it's beginning to show its age. However, lots of people prefer the home button design. If you're craving something new and different, then the XS Max will fit right in.

Number ten is Pulse Width Modulation

(PWM ("screen flicker")). PWM on the XS Max is the same as last year's X. There is a percentage of the user's that just cannot tolerate PWM on the iPhone XA Max or X. Most people are just fine, but there are always some people who are really sensitive to it.

In conclusion

The iPhone 8 Plus is a real capable phone that'll run you $400 less and still give you a ton of performance. Unless there's a burning desire that you have to sell your iPhone and upgrade, you're still good with the 8 Plus.

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