Sneak Peak at the Galaxy S10

OK, let’s talk about the new and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. Everyone is pretty stoked of its arrival in early 2019. The screen on the new Samsung is likely to be using the new Infinity-O screen. It’ll be notch-less, pretty much bezel-less, just an all-around beautiful screen. Instead of a notch or a bezel, you’re going to be looking at circular punched-out for the camera hole. The home screen, the regular UI, pretty much everything is going to look so much cleaner with very little bezels and no notch. It’s going to be a big upgrade from the S9 which is a really extraordinary phone.


Galaxy S9 Phone


This isn’t the first screen with a punched-out hole. Samsung’s A8 had it and a few other Chinese phones have had holes in their screens as well. The Galaxy S10 is going to be the first phone that is going to have a punched-out hole on an OLED screen. Samsung is using their laser hole punching tech to cut out holes in their AMOLED displays and that looks awesome. Other phones with holes in their screens are using LCD panels, and we all know that AMOLED is king when it comes to displays.



The processor on the S10 is also going to be fast being the Snapdragon 8150. They will also offer an Exynos 9820, depending on where you get it from. Both of those are going to be faster than the previous generation, but it’s not like we need a faster phone than last year’s. We want a better experience, sure, but it doesn’t really need to be faster even though newer phones are usually always going to be faster.


Fingerprint sensor

Another change that’s happening on the S10 is the fingerprint sensor. The S10 will now allow you to unlock your phone with an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. We have seen this before. The idea of an in-display fingerprint sensor is not new, but most of the phones out there are using an optical sensor. You put your thumb on the sensor, it shines a light and illuminates your thumb and reads the print.


Snapdragon Sense ID

On the S10, it’s going to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sense ID which is an ultrasonic soundwave used to map a 3D image of your print. This allows for better accuracy and better speed. In theory, this should be able to capture your print through moisture and oils on your fingertips. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get when I can’t open my phone with just a tinge of moisture on my fingers, this literally drives me up the wall.



Supposedly, the UI on the S10 is supposed to be completely overhauled. The S9 has been running Samsung’s Experience and a lot of people still feel that it’s pretty bloated. The S10 is going to be running one UI. They have betas out on this already and it’s a much better and cleaner interface. The whole idea is to make the UI less cluttered and less bloated. They also have some features to make it easier to use one-handed. They put a lot of the interactive elements lower on the screen so you don’t have to reach as far.



There are rumors of a 5G model with 12GB of RAM and a TB of storage. That sounds insane if it’s true. However, the big question remains.

Will it still have the headphone jack? The whole Galaxy lineup were the last phones to have the headphone jack and if they have removed it, then all of the major flagships will have done away with it and that’s it, they’re gone. Hopefully, they have kept it and haven’t thrown us into dongle-world too.

So if you’re ready to sell your iPhone and switch to a new Android phone we’re here to help.