Four Unique Gagdets to get on Black Friday

As Black Friday quickly approaches and you're putting together stocking-stuffers or looking for that unique something for an office Christmas party, take a look at any of the below mentioned to find that truly unique gift. In no particular order here are 4 decent suggestions.

Air Bar

# 4 - Looking to have a touchscreen laptop but it's not a touchscreen? That's cool, just pick up an Air Bar. Air Bar brings touch to your new or existing PC by projecting an invisible light field over the screen. What's good about light is that it responds to just about anything. You can swipe with your gloves or long fingernails, pinch with your chopsticks, scroll while you're cooking or use a paintbrush, the point is, just about everything works.

With Air Bar, you get touch gestures when you need them. It' easy to attach, it's sleek, and it won't drain your battery and you can unplug it when you want to. Best of all, there's no manual. It's truly a plug and play device. That said you don't need to sell laptop that you currently use and buy a new one just to have a touchscreen model.

Air Bar for Laptop

#3- Looking for computer and laptop security? Cool, here's your answer. GateKeeper is a wireless key fob that automatically locks your computer when you walk away. When you walk back, GateKeeper will have unlocked your computer by the time you sit down. Thanks to GateKeeper, your computer is never left unlocked and vulnerable to snooping. Now, you don't have to waste any valuable time and memory trying to lock and unlock your PC.

When you get up from your computer, there is nothing stopping a colleague from helping themselves to the data on your computer. With GateKeeper, as soon as you walk away from your desk it will lock. Using GateKeeper couldn't be any easier, simply put in the coded battery and download the software to your phone, add the dongle and you're ready to go.

There are three unlock modes. The first of which is automatic login. When set to automatic, GateKeeper will unlock your PC within 3-30 feet. This mode is best used for the IT professionals that are always moving from one computer to another and back again while working. gateKeeper streamlines their productivity all while keeping computers and laptop safe.

The second option is touch to log in. When in this mode GateKeeper requires the user to tap GateKeeper against the Bluetooth receiver in order to unlock the computer. This ensures that only the person with the key fob can gain access tot he computer.

The third option is signing in using GateKeeper and PIN requires the user to enter a password alongside the presence of GateKeeper before the computer or laptop can be unlocked. Obviously, this two-factor login options the most secure. This is ideal for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities where patient privacy is of the utmost of importance.

Gatekeeper for Laptop  

What happens if you lose your GateKeeper fob? Fortunately, it also functions as a Bluetooth tracker. So, you can find it with the GK app on your phone. This works within 30 feet of GK, providing it's not connected to your laptop or desktop computer. Much like Find My iPhone, when it's activated it'll chime and your phone app will tell you its approximate location.


#2 - Got the newest computer and no ports? No problem, here's the Hub+. Here you are, you just tried selling your laptop and were successful and now you have the hottest new laptop, but now, you can't plug in any of your stuff. Your new MacBook shouldn't make the rest of your hardware obsolete. As you know, some things just can't be connected via the cloud. Enter Hub+ and connect all of your devices to your new MacBook. Hub+ is compact and durable so you can take it with you. You can also charge up your phone no matter where you are because it's also an external battery for charging. Now you can power up your MacBook through the USB-C port. The Hub+ mini comes with a complimentary white USB-C to USB-C connection cord. But, get our wallet ready because it's $149.99.


#1 - Always needing extra sound from your phone? Stay tuned and check out the Bumpout. This is the first motorized expansion technology system that truly enables a portable speaker for your music. This gadget can sit nicely in your pocket and then in a second provide amazing high-quality audio. An innovative coin system with a repositionable adhesive allows you to attach Bumpout to any surface imaginable, to ensure that you can kick the party off in a moment's notice.

Bumpout is a true feat in engineering. They worked with some of the top audio specialists in the world to design the proprietary expansion technology. Bumpout combines a full-range driver, a passive radiator and a powerful battery into the smallest cabin possible. With the push of a button, the internal acoustic chamber activates the passive radiators generating rich sound and bass that bumps. Bumpout comes with multiple coins that feature patented adhesive technology. They can be removed, repositioned and adhere to any smooth surface over and over again. Even your smartphone.

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