Tired of the Election Cycle? Pick Up Some More Cool Items Under $10

So, here we are hot off the heels of another midterm US election cycle. If you’re a Republican, you can rejoice in the fact that you still have the Senate and Texas. If you’re a Democrat, you can breathe easy now knowing that you finally have representation again in the House of Representatives. For those in Wisconsin or Michigan that were voting on the legalization of medicinal or recreational cannabis, you can relax now. On both sides of the coin, there is something for everyone to take resolve and comfort in. If you’re a SellBroke fan, then you can take refuge in knowing that even among all of this hype, we are still looking out for your best interests when you want to sell laptop and used electronics. We have found 3 more things under $10 that you don't want to live without.


Many times in our reviews we talk about what's affordable and whether or not something is worth your money, but also, many times these devices are expensive. But this time we have 3 unique, strange or unusual items under $10.


Let's start with the FlashFan. It's a small LED lit fan that plugs into your phone via USB-C, micro USB, or iOS and instantly gives you a light show and a way to cool off if you're stuck in a hot environment... Ok, OK, it's actually $13, but it's still cool enough to pick up.

USB Light

In the same department, there is a product called the USB Light. You simply plug this into a USB port and you're good-to-go. This product can be used with a power bank, a laptop, and any other USB device. My first thought about this was that if you have a laptop that's still not backlit, this would come in super handy. It's bendy and dependable in a scenario if you lose lights and have a power bank or external battery and want a bit of light to search out your candles. It's a lightweight LED light that will stay lit for a long time and use hardly any battery juice.

Emergency LED Bulbs

Moving on, and probably the favorite of the bunch is the Life Light Emergency LED Bulbs. This is a 4-5 hour emergency light. Of course, there are a lot of emergency bulbs on the market today, but this one kind of takes a different approach. There's no app for it, it's still using very basic ingenuity and that's why it continues to have a low price tag. The key factor with this is when the power goes off it keeps on running. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. It'll be charging while it sits in the socket and when the lights go out, viola, you'll still be sitting pretty with light for up to 5 more hours. Not only that, but the regular light switch still works, so if you want it off, you can turn it off as well.

You can pick these up for 4 bulbs for $30 and you get 4 more bulbs for free. So, simple math says these are $3.75 a pop. You can't beat that in a lightless home. As a bonus, it also has a small socket type of adapter with a hangar on it so you can have is hanging anywhere you want and not have to traipse around a lamp or something large. Plus, you can hang it on pretty much anything. This little bad boy also has 10,000 hours of life, so it's going to always be at your ready when you need it.

So, there you have it. Whether you're happy, sad, frustrated or don't care about election results, at least now you have 3 more things to be happy about.

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