DELL G7 Laptop Review

By pulling the Inspiron Gaming notebooks away from the Inspiron series, it became clear that Dell had plans to offer more options and sizes which will better cater to the mainstream budget gamers. The Dell G7 laptop seems to be the leading model of this product shift. The G7 is sort of an upgrade of the 7577 from 2017, giving users a more powerful and immersive in-gaming experience. The G7 features NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics and the latest 8th Gen Intel® Quad-and-Hex Core™ CPUs.


The G7 has several amazing features. Beginning from its aesthetics, it comes in an alpine white and black color schemes with a glossy satin finish atop the PC which gives it a distinctively fresh feel. Its alpine white finish contrasts finely with the dark blue keyboard on a chassis made entirely of plastic, both at the top and bottom. The chassis is scratch resistant and easy to keep clean with the white model not showing much in the way of fingerprints.

On the right-hand side of the laptop is found an HDMI 2.0, two USB-3 type A ports, and a combo headphone-microphone jack. On the left hand side is found the no-block, the power button, the Ethernet port, the SD card reader port and another USB-3 type A port. The webcam sits right at the top of the screen, just like most other PCs and although it’s not exactly great, it gets the job done.


Performance wise, the Dell G7 is pretty great. It is an i5 or i7 8th gen Intel quad-and-hex-core H-series CPU which can rip through processing functions when throttled. Its aggressive sub-1” design comes with huge cooling vents and dual fan cooling technology which ensures your system never buckles while running high performance applications. This cooling technology ensures your PC stays cool and quiet regardless of use. The loading time for the Dell G7 is superb- it comes with Dual-drive NVMe PCIe SSD options which allows it run 4X faster than conventional SATA. This SSD option also enables it load apps faster, run the machine faster, improves battery life and improves shock resistance.


• It has a large chassis which means users get a larger palm rest and decent sized number pad and keyboard. • The internals of the G7 are very easy to get into as it’s a single screw which is mounted on a C-clip providing really easy access to the end user. • The keyboards are great too, soft to touch and the touchpad comes with windows precision drivers which gives it a great tracking sense. The button mechanics on the touchpad are nice too, nothing complicated.


• The screen of the Dell G7 is not very bright and this is perhaps its weakest point and even at full brightness it is dimmer than the Aero 15w at 50% brightness. Also if you have any external light on the device it would make it really difficult to see the screen but indoors it looks fine. • The battery life is quite disappointing, providing only 4hrs of optimum usage compared with say the 7577 which gives as much as 7 hours. • The speakers equally perform averagely, giving about 76 decibels, not as loud as say the 7567 but it’s more than sufficient for gaming and movie watching. • You can also argue that the bezels of the Dell G7 are a little bit thick especially since most companies are looking to create sleeker laptops. If you happen to be the type that handles their device rough, this thickness can come as an advantage as it makes the device a little bit more durable.

Dell G7 Laptop Back

Conclusively, the Dell G7 is a decent laptop, especially for the money especially if you are not overly concerned about build quality and need just something to provide a decent output. It comes in a cool color, has great components, it has really good thermos and an ergonomic screen which you can potentially over clog. This is a perfect laptop to buy for beginner gamer looking to enjoy a superior gaming experience for cheap.

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