Laptops We Buy: MacBook Air

MacBook Air

The original MacBook Air released January 15, 2008. In 5 years’ time it had gone from a seemingly odd and overpriced niche product to an everyday ultrabook by the time 2013 rolled around. Who would have thought a laptop without a optical drive would be so popular, and then also become the norm? What propelled this machine was its accessible price, incredibly long-lasting battery of 12 hours, and a fantastic design that was always a success for Apple’s MacBook series.

The 2013 model still didn't have a retina display, but it still had a great screen that led it to the top of the pack. By now in 2018, your MacBook Air may be getting a bit outdated for your needs, or maybe you just want to upgrade to a newer machine. In any case, we will buy your laptop back in many cases when Apple won’t. Select your Macbook Air model below and see what we are willing to buy your laptop for.

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