The Truth About the New 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017

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I think the world really wants to fall in love with the new 13-inch 2017 MacBook Pro (MBP). We are hoping that something clicks with us and we can again foster our love affair with the MacBook Pro and say that, "Apple is a genius, that's why they did what they did!" But, that hasn't happened. They have literally created the worst MacBook Pro ever. It's hard not to laugh anytime you go onto Apple's website a see that they taught the MacBook Pro as a genius. They are so wrong.

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Let's start with the price. A bare minimum new MacBook Pro starts at $2,400 USD. That is with a 2.8Ghz quad-core 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor. For a mere $300 more you can get a 3.1GHz processor. It comes with a 256GB SSD. It can also come with a 512GB, 1TB, or a 2TB SSD for either, $200, $600 or $1,400! If you'd also like to upgrade your graphics card from the Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB of memory to a Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB of memory you can do so for another $100.

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If you upgrade everything to the highest possible option, you will be paying $4,200. Holy wow, man. Also, you will never be able to upgrade the RAM so you'll be stuck with the 16GB. For many professionals that use this laptop for work, it won't be enough. For the average person, it may be enough, but this laptop is for the professional. It's not made for the average user whom only moderately uses a laptop for multimedia streaming, word processing, and casual web browsing.

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Let's say that you can live with the bare minimums. You can look past the price and not have the best. Another issue is that you won't have any type of USB type-A ports, there a no HDMI ports, and no SD card reader slots. There is nothing for you to use to be able to work. All you get are 4 USB type-C, thanks to Apple for being so generous.

This brings you to the question of how you use the ports on the machine. You must have adapters and dongles to make this happen. This just makes for more things to carry with you just in order to make it halfway easy to work with. If not, you won't be able to work, charge your phone, or connect your laptop to a monitor.

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But they did leave the headphone jack, you know, the regular 3.5mm one. If you have an iPhone 7 you won't be able to use your headphones if you have the ones that require a lightning port. That was to be the port that Apple said was going to be the future. Then they don't even add it on their own most up-to-date device. This just doesn't make too much sense. So, you either have to carry two types of headphones or a headphone adapter for your headphones. It seems to be a game of adapters and dongles, and this is getting very old with the natives that just want a simple running machine with continuity.

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If you want a $2,400 laptop to answer your emails and be online, then this MacBook Pro is the laptop for you. If you're a professional you'll most likely be disappointed. Apple really should consider removing the word "Pro" to this laptop until they make a laptop that is actually of professional quality aimed for professionals. This is not our favorite MacBook Pro to hit today's open market.

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