iPad Teleprompter Review

If you're interested in getting into video production one of the things that you may find is that when you're working with clients, some people can just improvise and talk off the cuff, and others need something a little bit more. Like a teleprompter. So, I'd like to take a quick few minutes and share a piece of equipment that I've found to be pretty handy, especially in my college years. It's a great tool when you're presenting to other people.

iPad Prompter for Apple Tablet

If you're at all familiar with teleprompters you have probably noticed that they are rather expensive.This is a very inexpensive alternative. It's called the Pad Prompter.

The Pad Prompter folds up so it's very compact and portable. It collapses in on itself for easier handling when in transit. When you want to open it, simply unstrap the velcro straps and pop it back open and there you go!

iPad Teleprompter

On the bottom is a tray where you put the tablet of choice (providing it fits). In theory, you can put any type of tablet in it. They do also make them in several different sizes for different configurations, they even a make one that accommodates an iPhone, or any smartphone. It's not really big enough to work well, but it's out there in today's' market.

Simply take your tablet and download a teleprompter application that you are comfortable with. If you are curious, some of the better ones run about $10 in the App Store and Google Play.

Teleprompter for Tablet Computer

You can write the script that you want on either your iPad or another tablet, but something to be aware of is that with the latest version of iOS, one of the features now is Universal Copy and Paste. That means as long as you're signed in with the same iCloud account you can write the entire document on your MacBook laptop and copy and paste to your iPad. Now when the teleprompter app plays your text, they play them reversed. That way when it's being viewed by the user it will scroll properly. It's a very easy and inexpensive great solution for those out there that are looking into video production and want to have a teleprompter solution for when you need it.

Prompter for iPad

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