Memorial Day Laptop Sale

Memorial Day Weekend is a great time in Spring to buy a new laptop. Most stores offer special sales on laptops and nearly every other product. Here in Northern Nevada and in California the lakes and rivers are full again. This is going to be great summer this year. Of course for Memorial Day it’s better if you are able to go camping with your friends and family or something fun like that. But if you happen to stay home you may as well take advantage of the sales.

MacBook Pro Sale Memorial Day

Did you just receive your income tax refund or have extra cash? Go check out the electronics stores and find an awesome deal on a new laptop. Perhaps you’ll get lucky in an Apple store and get some serious discount on a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar. That would be really cool if you could save few hundred bucks on a new MacBook.

I noticed that other manufacturers advertise sales for the weekend in their online stores like for example. So, if you’re not out in the woods without Internet service you can easily what’s good from your house via your laptop or smartphone.

As usual I would still suggest to check more expensive brands and items because those will be discounted the most. I’m thinking about buying a MacBook. I really wanted one for a long time now but the price is a bit too high and keeps me from getting one. My Dell XPS 15 is still doing great and I’d rather spend the money elsewhere. But I’m in love with MacBook’s sleek design and portability.

It’s probably best to find time for shopping on Friday or Saturday when the sales just start in order to snag the best laptop before others do. Sales are usually on till Monday while supplies last. Realistically, even if you do go camping for the whole weekend you want to rest and chill out on Sunday and Monday.

Memorial Day Weekend Sales vs Black Friday

You will have to wait for another great event till next fall for the Black Friday Sales. So don’t miss the chance because prices will go back up after the weekend. Then you will have to pay premium prices again on a new laptop. You can always search for deals on preowned laptops on eBay or CraigsList. Ebay is so competitive nowadays that you can always find lower priced items from sellers that can’t take the pressure, and in panic of not selling enough, underprice their products. This is also a reason why you can find lower prices on many items after Christmas.

MacBook 12-inch Laptop Memorial Day Sale

Store managers order larger quantities of merchandise for the Holidays hoping that they will sell it all to people buying them for presents. If they don’t sell enough they don’t want to be stuck with too much inventory in January. Beginning of the year is known to be rather dead season in sales and other industries. That being said, those managers decide right after Christmas to clean up store shelves and sell laptops and everything else, usually at the price of original purchase. If you can get into one of those deals it’s a steal. But it’s only May, and 7 more months before Christmas. That’s generally the best time because we’re just starting a new season.

Sales on MacBooks and Dells

So if I’m gonna get a new laptop on sale I will buy a Macbook 12-inch. I like MacBooks and this one is extremely attractive compared to my older Unibody MacBook Pro like the last one I owned, after an A1181. The 12-inch is a great computer in a super small and portable case and awesome battery life and it charges quickly too. So, it would be my perfect camping laptop, if I really needed one.

If on one of Dell’s online sales I can get some cheaper gaming laptop like a Dell Inspiron 15- 5576, then I would be happy too. I don’t have anything to play video games on. Only my PS3 that hasn’t been turned on in a long time. I’m not sure if the joysticks will take charge. Anyhow, the Dell gaming laptops seem very cool from the reviews. I wouldn’t want invest in expensive gaming laptops like the Razer Blade or Alienware. I don’t play video games enough to justify a purchase of a full blown gaming machines.

Razer Blade Gaming Laptops Sale

Those are just my ideas, but you can get any laptop you like assuming you have the funds to do so. Don’t waste your chance and get out and find a sweet deal on a laptop you really like. If you need to make room before or after or need extra cash for your new purchase SellBroke will conveniently buy your laptop or smartphone. You have nothing to lose. You save time and get the money for your electronic gadget. We always guarantee to erase your personal data permanently, but if you feel safer deleting your stuff before sending check out our instructions on how to wipe your Mac.

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