Where to sell laptops and used electronics after Black Friday

If you are reading this you must be asking yourself the same question: Where to sell laptops or other electronic gadgets after you purchased a new laptop on Black Friday’s sale?

Dell Laptops Sell Black Friday

Black Friday madness

So Black Friday has come and gone. I was fortunate enough to not have to be a part of the absolute madness that you see in some locations for Black Friday. We’ve all seen the videos of people fighting and jamming through doors as they open. And people just running over the top of other people in a mad frenzy. All that just to get inside the exact same store they are in probably on a weekly basis. But people seem to lose their minds when it comes to getting inside to the sales of Black Friday. Especially if it comes to laptops, computers and electronic equipment.

Advantages of afternoon shopping

I was able to get to our local electronics store in the afternoon to avoid the mad rushes of people and take my time sifting through what remained. There were some super awesome deals still available in the afternoon and I get get trampled. I considered this a win/win situation, not looking for anything in particular. I was just kind of looking to see what kind of gift I could get, if any, for no one in particular. Of course I ran across a lot of things that I wanted. I put my desires on hold for a bit and try to find something for my parents. That was the loose fit plan anyhow.

Tips one selling laptops and unwanted electronics in search of extra cash.

SellBroke Gaming Laptops

One of the best things I had going for me this time was that I was in the store with *free* money. Free money, what’s that? Well, let me tell you about this process I found. After some extensive internet searching I found out that the older MacBook Pro and iPhone I had were sellable online and safely. So, earlier in the month I had taken advantage of selling my older devices to a recycling company. They offer money for your old, used, or gently abused laptops, phones and hardware. We all use the internet for various things, but this was such a great internet find!

Sell laptops and electronics online

I stumbled upon www.SellBroke.com. They are an online company that buys back your old electronic devices. They send you either a company check or a PayPal payment for the device(s) you sell to them. I had recently purchased a newer, but used, 2014 MacBook Air and a 64GB iPhone 6. I had all devices for a few weeks and on my own time I was able to transfer everything that was needed from each older device to each newer one. This can be done very quickly with either using iCloud. Or simply using iTunes to backup your older devices and re-load the info to your newer devices. It’s a painless process no matter which way you use. But I was in no rush so I took my time doing so.

Sell Broken Drones

Like I said, I stumbled upon SellBroke online and did a cursory check to make sure that they were a legitimate business and even made a phone call to their office and was able to talk to one of the owners. I was convinced that they were legit so I hopped on their website and as directed I searched for my devices and selected what type of condition they were in and got a quote.

Instant online quotes

To put things into perspective here I had an early 2011 model MacBook Pro 13” with an i5 processor and 320G hard drive space, I also had an unlocked AT&T iPhone 5S with 64GB to sell. Since I had just upgraded myself I thought it a great idea to both recycle my devices and get paid. It should be noted that I take very, very good care of my equipment. I was able to get a quote on my MacBook for $290 and my iPhone for $90. Of course I had to wait until they received the devices and check them out and verify that my assessment of my equipment was the same as theirs, and within a couple of days they confirmed their original quote.

Broken Gaming Laptops

I made out with $380 of *free* money. I opted for a PayPal payment and they sent it to me just like they had claimed on their website.  And I read about how to best pack and ship the laptop I was selling. It was an awesome experience to be shopping for Black Friday with *free* money. I’ll definitely always use this kind of service when it comes time to recycle/resell my electronics!