First we would like to thank you for considering to sell us your laptop or other electronic device.

We will focus on laptops in this entry but the same or similar rules apply to pretty much all electronics you recycle.

Following pictures show boxes and packaging materials that were specifically designed to safely mail laptop computers.  With so many laptops everywhere the materials are very accessible.

First one, and a free one too, is the original box that you got your laptop in, if you saved it.

Pack and Ship your Laptop in Original Box

This kind of box is simply perfect as it was designed and made for the original manufacturer of your laptop. The inserts ideally grab and hold the laptop and charger inside, preventing any unnecessary movement. So if you’ve kept the original box, go ahead and mail the laptop you sell in it. You can’t go wrong with that.


Don’t have the original box? Don’t worry, there are many options available.

Let’s think for a moment about shipping your laptop. First consider its value and condition. Is your laptop pricey and in good condition? If so you probably want it to reach the new owner, perhaps us, in the same good shape. For a laptop worth a hundred dollars or more you may want to consider investing $10 in good packaging. Good boxes that are specifically made for shipping laptops run about $1o at most. They would save you a lot more if your laptop didn’t break in transit and lost much value.

They are available in most box stares as well as Fedex and UPS stores.

Retaining Shipping Laptop Box


Box with cardboard and plastic film retainers called “suspension box”.  This type of box is perfect as it holds the laptop suspended in the middle preventing from any damage even if the box gets hurt on the outside.

Best Laptop Shipping Box

Another box that uses plastic film to wrap the laptop very tightly and holds in one place. Also very good and sturdy. The one we show is made for UPS and sold directly at their stores. The cardboard sides of the insert fold under the bottom base and on the sides, also suspending the laptop in the middle, and making the construction very sturdy.

Very Sturdy Laptop Shipping Box

Foam inserts are usually the best. They hold the laptop in one place and protect from destruction even if the box one the outside is harmed. This structure is rugged enough for any situation.

Laptop Packing and Shipping Materials

Additionally if you look around your garage and storage you will find a box, piece of bubble wrap and packing peanuts left form an older purchase. If you do not have them at home, those are available at any shipping company outpost for a few bucks. UPS and FedEx staff will even pack the laptop for you.

For a box filled with peanuts make sure that it is strong enough to withstand pressure of other boxes that may be stocked on top. Also be certain to wrap the computer in bubble-wrap which will protect it from damage and from pieces of Styrofoam getting inside.

Instead of peanuts you can use pieces of Styrofoam blocks like in the picture below.

One last specific material is a chamber pack filed with air that’s ideal to ship your sold laptop in. If you can use one you can be confident that your computer is safe.

Don’t forget to ask for “fragile” stickers to put one the box. That way you will get attention of the carrier that the content of the package might be easy to damage and they should be cautious in handling it.

Sell Broke's Instructions to Pack Laptops


Don’t have any of the materials we’ve shown and described above? No problem. Possibilities are endless.

If you don’t have any of the described materials but you intend to pack your laptop well. You most likely will get it right.

You will still need a box.

Shipping your laptop in an envelope is usually a bad ideal. Don’t be surprised if the laptop gets broken and you’re not getting the money you expected for it. Don’t mail your laptop in an envelope even if you wrap it in bubble-wrap.

Get a box big enough to fit your laptop with charger and packing material. Use something around the laptop as a cushion. It could be newspapers or even a couple of old t-shirts (make sure they are clean!).

If you will not be using the old carrying bag or sleeve anymore you may as well pack your laptop in them. Those work great ensuring safer transit.

Don’t forget to tape the box so it won’t open on the way.

Remember to pack your laptop well because it’s your responsibility to get it in a good condition to the new owner.

Like we said before if your laptop is worth more it may be a good idea to invest a few bucks and rest assured that laptop is safe. In case of a cheaper machine it may not make sense to invest additional money. But there are so many available options for free if you only stop and think for a minute.

Be sure to pack your laptop well and everybody will be happy in the end.

Sell laptops and unwanted electronics to SellBroke with confidence.