The New Huawei Smartwatch

In many ways today’s society is becoming more and more concerned with their daily health and activities. There are a lot of watches and other wearable devices out there on the market that are made just for tracking your health and things like your daily pace count, your sleep patterns, heart rate and oxygen levels. All you have to do is strap on the device, pull up an app, and usually upload a program to your smartphone or laptop and away you go with endless ways of monitoring your activity.

Huawei Smartwatch

Let us for a moment concentrate on the stainless steel with metal mesh band Huawei Smartwatch. Upon first sight this watch looks its part in the line of elegance and can be your daily wearer. The case and the band have a very nice quality of construction that keeps this smartwatch looking like a higher-end regular watch. It doesn’t carry that plasticy, sporty look of other monitoring smartwatches that you can find in other brands. This watch is truly made to be worn, seen and shown off. It has a high quality scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and an AMOLED display. The display colors are vibrant and very crisp and a great display that just pop off your wrist.

There are many settings that you can play around with but when you have it in a sleep mode the gyro is very responsive and activated by rolling over your wrist. While flipping between apps the watch is very quick to respond and doesn't lag behind your gestures like others currently on the market, and the voice commands come through very quickly. The Pure Android Wear apps are very nicely built and function flawlessly with the Huawei Smartwatch, and natively supports the speakers so you can listen to music straight from your watch!

Huawei Smartwatch

The AMOLED display allows and “always-on” mode that can drastically drain your battery; however, the battery life can be extended simply by adjusting your watch’s settings to remain off more often by not waking up every time that you twist your wrist. One very nice thing that Huawei kept in mind was the potential for screen burn-in problems. They combated the burn-in risk by building in certain anti-burn measures that are integrated into the software and by moving the watch's pixel interface every few seconds they totally eliminated the potential for getting a burnt screen. This is appreciated because for a starting price of about $350USD, you don’t want to have a burnt screen that ends up being a useless paperweight instead of an awesome watch.


This watch comes with a multitude of built-in watch interfaces, but you can always download more faces of our choosing. This is particularly cool because you can use one watch to match with anything that you're wearing, and maybe in the long run, if you like accessorizing with watches, this could save you money in not having to have a different watch for every occasion.

Huawei Smartwatch

A few things that will probably be addressed in newer versions that aren’t yet in this version would be things like adding GPS, not using such a proprietary charger and also I’m sure that they will add an ambient sensor to adjust for the brightness of your surroundings. The battery life could be better but as mentioned earlier can be extended by changing some settings, but over all you should get about 2 days’ worth of life if the watch isn’t always on every time you move your arm. Some people may not like the thickness of the watches bezel, but if you’re used to a modern man’s watch the difference isn’t that great, but if you’re one like me that has kind of small wrists, this watch may look over-seized, but again, that’s also what’s in fashion, so it shouldn’t be a reason to not consider it.

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